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  1. Litwin

    Russian veteran recalls his communist army rape war- crimes in Germany

    Russian veteran recalls his communist army rape war- crimes in Germany one of view videos where you can see the offender not the victims
  2. The Original Tree

    Dems Desperate to bury their own Actual Russia - Ukraine Collusion

    Keep paying attention kids and what you will learn is all this huffing and puffing by The Radical DemNazi Clinton - Obama - Marixst Cabal is only to hide the fact that Obama and Clinton and The DNC actively invited The Ukraine and Russia to interfere in our elections because they were fearful of...
  3. deanrd

    Paul Erickson, Republican operative dating Russian Spy Marina Butina, charged in 11 felonies

    Boyfriend of admitted covert Russian agent accused of fraud PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — The boyfriend of a Russian woman who admitted she was a secret agent for the Kremlin is charged with fraud in South Dakota. UPDATE: Paul Erickson indicted on federal charges in Sioux Falls SIOUX FALLS, S.D...
  4. Litwin

    How A 1999 "Russian" Bombing Led To Putin's Rise To Power

    when putler will take be arrested for this terrible crime ? "David Satter is a US journalist who spent decades covering Russian politics before he was expelled from the country after claiming that President Putin and the FSB may have been involved with the deadly Russia apartment bombings...
  5. Litwin

    Cemetery video, unnamed burials of "Russian" soldiers killed in Ukraine found in Kolpino (Muscovy)

    Cemetery video, unnamed burials of "Russian" soldiers killed in Ukraine found in Kolpino (Muscovy) Vova Putler treats his solders worst than the dogs , comments ? Cemetery video in Kolpino in Russia, shows mass 2018 unnamed...
  6. Dan Stubbs

    Dollar will devalue in the next year do to Gold

    With speculation of Russia and China working on a gold-backed currency, a shift in monetary power from the West to the East seems to be their ambitions. The situation between East and West is exacerbated by recent tensions between Russia and the UK, since the alleged Kremlin poisoning of former...
  7. deanrd

    What do you think of the sexy, hot as hell Russian Spy who has been targeting Republicans?

    This from Fox news: Accused Russian spy Maria Butina offered sex in exchange for US job, prosecutors say And that's not all. According to new court filings, Maria Butina allegedly “gained access” to "an extensive network of U.S. persons in positions to influence political activities in the...
  8. Litwin

    "Russian" TV to gays: Sodomites, get out of Russia, we will even buy you tickets.

    thats why many useful idiots, UFO -freaks and extremists in love with Voka Putler (mr. Botox., Pynia) ... in which year does live Muscovy ? 19c.? "Russian" TV to gays: Sodomites, get out of "Russia", we will even buy you tickets.
  9. American_Jihad

    Getting “to the bottom” of Russian intervention

    I don't trust Mueller, how to put it ah yes good old boy network... CHECKLIST FOR MUELLER Getting “to the bottom” of Russian intervention. July 17, 2017 Lloyd Billingsley ... In March of 2012, apparently unaware of a “hot” microphone, President Obama told Russian president Dimitry...
  10. Markle

    Obama knew of Russian election hacking back in August. Did NOTHING!

    NOW we learn that petulant former President Barack Hussein Obama knew about Russia hacking way back in August and he said and did nothing. More proof the Trump campaign knew nothing about the hacking and certainly there was no collusion. Report: Obama didn't act strongly against Russian...
  11. Dan Stubbs

    Multi Court Doc are being Filed About Clinton Emails, Does not Look Good

    Obama promised in 2012 that things will go better in US - Russian relations after the elections. Ant they really did. Putin started the war in Ukraine and got his army in Syria in 2014. Obama administration imposed some useless and light economic sanctions that have 0 impact on Putin’s cronies...
  12. Denechek

    Russia: Saints or Sinners?

    Reading the accounts in the media of the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, the media is taking two diametrically opposed positions at the same time: 1) While it is said the gunman was retaliating for war crimes committed by Russia in Aleppo, the media refuses to accept...

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