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reverse racism

  1. T

    Perverse Reverse Racism?

    This music video was released yesterday and came across my feed. Video depicts a black Rapper with what appear to be white slaves, butlers and maids in the background while he "sings" about how he is "the man." There is even a scene of him preaching to a group of these slaves. Thoughts?
  2. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Racist trolls sabotaged a NASA competition to stop black teen girls from winning

    Racist trolls sabotage NASA competition to block win by a black team Proving that there are unlimited depths to which online trolls will sink, a group of 4chan users tried to sabotage a group of high school girls in a NASA science competition this weekend. The trolls took offense to a tweet...
  3. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Western Kentucky University rejects racist proposal for free tuition for black students

    University rejects proposal to give black students free tuition as reparations for slavery Students at Western Kentucky University voted this week to give their black peers free tuition as a way to make amends for slavery, but administrators say it's not going to happen. President Gary...
  4. A

    Race Relations in America

    Take this survey about Race Relations between blacks and whites in the United States! This 1st survey is for people ages 13-59. Forms(Google Forms) Millennials Race Relations Survey Race Relations Survey This next survey is for people 60+ Forms(Google Forms) Senior Race Relations Survey...

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