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religious right

  1. TheProgressivePatriot

    Christian Pastor Cries And Begs God To Make Trump President Again

    Folks, it does not get any more pathetic than this! Does anyone here actually think that this guy has both oars in the water? This is just one more example of the insanity on the religious right. I am old enough to remember when Christians actually believed in the teaching of Christ. You know...
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    White House Adviser Launches Project To Protect Trump From Witches And Demons

    Remember Paula White? She's back. This time as a member of the White House Staff!! Error | US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum In the news today: White House Adviser Launches Project To Protect Trump From Witches And Demons And what will they do when the witches and daemons are...
  3. TheProgressivePatriot

    Trump’s Favorite Pastor Claims Democrats Worship Pagan God Moloch

    Another bizarre rant from the pastor who predicted civil war if Trump is impeached. Progressive Secular Humanist - Who?? Moloch? :badgrin::badgrin::badgrin: This Democrat for one never heard of Moloch and I'm sure that most have not. Folks, this is the type of person who has Trumps ear...
  4. TheProgressivePatriot

    Conservative Christians Claim Ocasio-Cortez Is A Witch Leading Attack Against Trump

    It seems like conservative Christians have achieved a new level of absurdity. Shall we weigh her down with stones and throw her into the pond...and if she does not float she is not a witch? Oops, to bad. And to be sure, these people are not using "witch" figuratively . They really believe...
  5. TheProgressivePatriot

    Senate Votes to Advance Nomination of Theocrat William Barr

    Conservatives/ Republicans…..Please tell us again how Trump respects the Constitution, is good for our Constitutional Republic, how he does not kiss up to the religious right , and why we have nothing to fear from religious zealots. Theocracy Alert: Senate Votes To Advance Attorney General...
  6. TheProgressivePatriot

    Batshit Crazy Republicans Part 2 : The REligious Psychosis of Mike Pence

    Pence is a religious zealot and bigot who believe that religion -his religion- should legitimately drive public policy: Mike Pence To Address Event Hosted By Anti-LGBT Hate Group | Right Wing Watch But Pence does not mind cavorting with those who have committed child sexual abuse- as long...
  7. TheProgressivePatriot

    Sen. Booker Attacked by Bigots, For Opposing the Appointment of a Bigot as Secretary of State

    First, let’s establish the fact that Mike Pompeo is an anti-gay bigot: ur great nation." There is much more but you get the idea. In todays news there is this: I find...
  8. TheProgressivePatriot

    Televangelist Rails Against Children Who Marched for Life

    In all fairness, the title of the article that appears below is a bit over the top. I did not read or hear that she said that the students are like “demonic Nazis who rape gun owners” but, even at that, her words are pretty deplorable...
  9. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Religious Right Takes on UN Children’s Agency Over Sex Education

    Why is the religious right attacking UNICEF? You might not believe the answer More absurdity from the religious right. These people have to be borderline psychotic. They are targeting UNICEF – a...
  10. TheProgressivePatriot

    Trump Tweets : Robert Jeffress is a Wonderful Man!

  11. TheProgressivePatriot

    Trump: Tweets that Robert Jefress is a " wonderful man"

  12. TheProgressivePatriot

    Exporting Hate in the Name of GOD: Americans Who Promote ANTI LGBT Agendas Overseas

    Exporting Hate in the Name of GOD: Americans Who Promote ANTI LGBT Agendas Overseas This is a topic that has gotten too little attention. American's who go overseas to support, encourage and defend harsh anti-LGBT laws. These are extremists who are obsessed with denying rights to LGBT...
  13. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Crackpots and Loons in Public Life Who Love Trump

    One really has to wonder what is going on when we consider some of the crackpots and loons in public life who support and worship Trump!! Case in point: Jim Bakker: Making Fun Of Trump Is The 'Spirit Of The Antichrist' | HuffPost Then he went full “Sleepy Hollow” on his audience: No, not...
  14. TheProgressivePatriot

    Attempts to Roll Back Marriage Equality since the Trump Election.

    While Trump himself has been pretty quiet on the subject of same sex marriage and LGBT rights in general, we know that he has surrounded himself with some of the most opprobrious bigots - both religious and those that are just far right-or alt right -ideologues and hate mongers. There was the...
  15. TheProgressivePatriot

    Trump and the Religious Right -What is going on?

    We know that Donald J. Trump is not a particularly religious person, despite his waving the bible from a podium and proclaiming that it is his favorite book. He has not exactly exemplified the values and lifestyle that true Christians aspire to. But we also know that he successfully courted...

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