1. deanrd

    If Trump isn’t impeached, will he be primaried?

    If Trump isn’t impeached, will he be primaried? If he’s primaried, who do you think his challenger will be?
  2. Fiero425

    Bernie asked: DC Primary award to Hillary

    The last primary of cycle is over and so far with 62% of the vote in, Hillary's stomping Sanders into the dirt by 58% acquiring 32 of the 46 delegates so far! He wanted the process to play out; might have wished he stepped down a few weeks ago! He looked somewhat better before making a fool of...
  3. P@triot

    Obama likely to sit out Democratic primary altogether

    This is something really peculiar going on within the Democrat Party. For starters, it speaks volumes that Obama refuses to come out and support Hillary. The reality is, much like everyone in the party, he absolutely can't stand her. Their battles are legendary and well documented. But beyond...
  4. Pogo

    Primary Poll: Which way should I go?

    So I've got a dilemma.......... My state's primary actually comes up sooner than it has in the past (early voting starts today, final primary day is March 15). As an unaffiliated voter I can choose which party's primary to vote in. Last time 'round that was easy, since O'bama was already an...
  5. S

    CDZ Kasich on the rise

    The latest poll in South Carolina shows Kasich in second place. There doesn't seem to have been a national poll taken since New Hampshire but I suspect he will also move up into the runner-up spot when one is taken. Can he be a real alternative to Trump or is it too late? How do you think he...
  6. Slade3200

    Presidential Primary: Why Iowa?

    So much weight is on the first few primary caucus votes. Some think it can launch or extinguish political campaigns. No offense to Iowans, or New Hampshirites but why do such small, insignificant, states receive so much power? It makes more sense for high delegate states that represent a...
  7. S

    CDZ When will the GOP field start to shrink

    Will the Iowa caucus results cause any of the current candidates to give up? How about New Hampshire? South Carolina? Or will they all hang in there until the tsunami of primaries in March?

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