1. Robert Urbanek

    Is the party over?

    The party was over. As I sit rereading The Great Gatsby amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, that phrase sticks with me . . . we’ve all got a chance to do some soul-searching about what really matters, a chance to reflect on just exactly what the “party” was and whether we want to resume it when life...
  2. deanrd

    NRA Message? We need to bring the KKK to "Thomas and Friends" to promote diversity?

    I know that the NRA has gone off the rails in recent years. But they actually put this together showing KKK hoods on trains riding on burning tracks. I'm not sure if they are mocking diversity or insisting the KKK and White Nationalists should be added to promote further diversity. Wasn't...
  3. Dan Stubbs

    What if the Judge was to testify like this.

    I wonder how it would go in the hearing is this story was told to the Senators? I read Ms Ford description of the party that she was at and I remember one party , that I called the Ambush party. I and my friend arrived about 7 PM at a house, address unknown, Near the Country club and was...
  4. CelloX

    Democrats (and maybe republicans) - What religion are you?

    I am curious, as I wonder how many Christians support the democratic party. I don't vote for the democrats, but I only hesitatingly vote for the republicans. If you are republican, feel free to post your religion and party too, but please don't vote.
  5. Freja

    Gang rape on a party ferry for graduating High School students

    Four men between 18-19 yrs of age gang raped a girl on a party ferry. ( I've summerized the information available and translated the text. The sources in swedish can be found at the bottom. ) Four men was arrested on march 30th on suspicion of gang raping a girl, during a student cruise on...

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