1. Sayaras

    Wasn't Mr. Peanuts the worst president in US history

    No reason to exonerate him from being negligently at the fascist Ayatollahs rise. Since 1979: The long bloody trail of crimes of the mullahs: In their totalitarian regime, massacres, mass torture (not just 1988) for so many years. And then the bloodshed in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Israel-Palestine...
  2. P@triot

    The left has embraced fascism in its purest form

    The left has embraced fascism in its purest form. Their entire mindset is: either bow to our ideology, or we will do everything in our power to destroy you. No tolerance for any thoughts or views other than the progressive thoughts and views...
  3. P@triot

    The left: “Your children belong to the state”

    You know who else shared that exact same ideology? Stalin’s Russia. Hitler’s Germany. The left knows that no rational adult would ever accept the insanity of the LGBT lifestyle - so they want to indoctrinate/brainwash children as young as possible. Parents Powerless Against School District's...
  4. P@triot

    Note the language

    As with all things with the left, they believe in forcing people into their disturbed ideology. Notice how it says “this has to change”?
  5. H

    Liberate Hong Kong from Communist China's occupation: Letter to President Trump

    We need President Trump to save us. Only President Trump can save us. Hong Kong is dying. Hong Kong is suffering from Communist occupation. The Chinese communists want to grab Hong Kong people and move us back to China and throw us into prisons and torture us. Please bring this message to...
  6. P@triot

    The left’s obsession with oppression

    The left has focused on limiting (or eliminating) every single right and liberty afforded to a U.S. citizen. The school has absolutely 0 authority to prevent students from passing out Bibles. Zero. The students are not government employees like the teachers and administration. They are private...
  7. P@triot


    I don’t particularly agree with any of this (from the left or from him - we should have total transparency from our government) - but - I love the way that he owns the left. I love how they are in a perpetual state of tizzy because he won’t back down from them. The left has morphed into a bunch...
  8. AveryJarhman

    "Apocalypse - Stalin Documentary"

    #TheLargerIssue #Fatherlessness #ChildNeglectMaltreatment #MentalHealth #Solutions Hard to believe a few seriously warped individuals were able to convicne others to support and engage in this type of violence and human dysfunction. "Apocalypse - Stalin Documentary" Wiki reports: Stalin was...
  9. P@triot

    The left-wing solution

    It’s always the same with that side of the aisle. They have one “solution” and one solution only. Why doesn’t an employer have the right to know what type of person they are hiring? And where does idiot Beto O’Rourke think that government derives the power to tell a business what boxes they can...
  10. P@triot


    The left doesn’t like citizens having a choice (that’s why they hate capitalism and that’s why they rig elections). Here is another Dumbocrat jerk trying to keep citizens from being informed about their choices and options. Surveillance camera shows Hawaii State Senate hopeful, a Democrat...
  11. P@triot

    The worst oppressive enemies of the U.S. align with the left

    Once again - we see that the views of a violent, oppressive dictator who refers to himself as “The Supreme Leader” perfectly aligns with the views of the left (just like they did with Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, etc.). It says everything that America’s enemies applaud and support...
  12. P@triot

    The fascists are at it again

    The left really believes that children belong to the state. It's mind-boggling how these people believe they can discipline private citizens for exercising their constitutional rights. Not only that - but look at the "logic" this nitwit used: So let me get this straight - because you feel that...
  13. P@triot

    You have to ask yourself: what are they so afraid of?

    Let's just pretend for a moment that the right stands for every lie that the left insists they do. Let's pretend that the right spreads hate (done by the left in reality), advocates violence (done by the left in reality), and lies (done by the left in reality). So what? Why does the left want to...
  14. RodISHI

    Hijab fail in the UK & the Islamist are crying foul

    The whiners of the fifth column/pillar are working hard to keep those females born into Muslim families on the hijab string. They have only won a few court battles here in America through Obama appointees and soft minded individuals that cannot see the writing on the wall as they give away the...
  15. P@triot

    The New Deal

    There is simply no denying that "The New Deal" was the ultimate raw deal for the American people. It destroyed the U.S. Constitution and consolidated power into the hands of one person inside the Executive Branch. It was a return to the monarchy from which we fought to escape. Listen to the...
  16. P@triot

    The liberal march towards EXTREME fascism

    The left has always been fascist in nature (obviously - since fascism is a form of government oppression). But in the past few years, the left has made a rapid march towards extreme fascism. They engage in massive speech control campaigns. If Donald Trump attempts to hold a political rally -...
  17. P@triot

    We are literally living Atlas Shrugged

    Chilling. Absolutely chilling. The left has fully embraced the Nazi fascist thought-control and propaganda ideology. First of all, "Global Warming" has been completely proven to be a conspiracy created by Al Gore and other Democrat politicians in order to make billions of dollars. It's been...
  18. P@triot

    As usual, WRONG "conclusion" by L-W'ers regarding Albuquerque rally

    Liberals all over USMB are doing what they always do - falsely proclaiming "racism" and turning every issue into race to avoid the uncomfortable reality. And that reality is this: once again liberals resort to violence because they can't even handle free speech. Nothing more. Just free speech...

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