1. PanopticPerceptions

    Planetary Defense: Shielding Earth from Asteroids

    Here is the explanatory video on YouTube: As we traverse the vast realm of space exploration, a pressing concern emerges the potential threat of asteroids. These ancient remnants of our solar system, while vital to understanding our origins, also pose significant dangers. The Chelyabinsk...
  2. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician depicted in 'Hidden Figures,' dies at 101

    Until this movie, I had never heard of these phenomenal women. Rest in peace Mrs. Johnson, maybe someone will name a star in your honor Johnson "was an American hero and her pioneering legacy will never be forgotten," NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine wrote on Twitter. Katherine Johnson...
  3. deanrd

    Where does our anti-missile and new military technology come from?

    Where does our anti-missile and new military technology come from? I’m watching Trump on TV giving a news conference and talking about money for military innovation. So where does that innovation come from? Sure, it’s paid for by taxpayers. But paid to whom? Some years ago I went to NASA...
  4. Dan Stubbs

    Why is NASA blocking this sector of space? What are they hiding?

    Well this is a strange item I found and can not make heads or tails of it. I will say the Bible Thumpers are all over it. Why would NASA black out a part of space? You check it out
  5. cnelsen

    What's most noteworthy about these 106 people

  6. P@triot

    Government pays almost $200,000 for position to "protect Earth from aliens"

    Appalling. Despicable. Unacceptable. NASA should have been shut down decades ago. The federal government has no constitutional authority to explore anything. Elon Musk and SpaceX is already proving that this nonsense is handled better by the private sector (as always). Anyone who thinks it is...
  7. L

    Atomic Scientists' Doomsday Clock, Dow Jones 20,000: Trump travel ban 30 secs before BANG

    Dow Jones records, NASA successes in front of screens & Atomic Scientists in front of Doomsday Clock: one line scripts Introduction - added Jan 29, 2017 Atomic Scientists' Doomsday Clock, Dow Jones 20,000: one line scripts included in Trump's travel ban, 30 secs before the BIG BANG. "Doomsday...
  8. L

    Saturn’s spooky Death Star moon captured in closest-ever NASA image - for dummies

    Sphere Within Sphere Sculptures: Vatican v NASA, Earth v Universe on the eye-popping year NASA and the Vatican as you know it became operational within 28 days, October 1958. An in-depth analysis of their eye-popping sculptures just before 2017 becomes the eye-popping year. Introduction...

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