mass shooting

  1. basquebromance

    At least 4 folks dead, 6 injured in shooting at Capital Gazette newspaper in Maryland

    Maxine Waters has blood on her hands! At Least 6 Injured In Shooting At Capital Gazette
  2. P@triot

    Tragedy Averted

    This was an excellent job by his grandmother and law enforcement. The entire tragedy was averted - and without banning firearms. Aspiring School Shooter in Washington Was Busted After His Grandma Found His Journal
  3. P@triot

    The left: “we MUST protect children”. The left: “we have a right to kill children”

    The left is never consistent in their views. Never. Uh....Kamala? You people have been barbarically slaughtering hundreds of millions of babies for decades. Even selling their dismembered body parts. And you celebrate it. Literally celebrate it. The left proudly started a #ShoutYourAbortion...
  4. P@triot

    Obama's overt racism has turned this nation into a powder keg

    Time and time again Obama has overtly displayed his racism. From his autobiography when he said (and I quote) "that's just how white folks will do ya", to his ignorant statement of "the police acted stupidly" in the Harvard professor arrest before he had any facts, to his equally ignorant...
  5. woz75

    Emmy Awards Announce Addition of 'Best Crisis Actor' Category

    Ok, since they didn't mention any particular tragedy or person I find this kinda funny :) Crisis actors have been fighting for over a decade to get a category for their work added to The Oscars, but it was the Television Academy this week that showed its branch is more open minded when it...
  6. T

    mass shooting responses solutions

    Could someone please explain to me what republicans are thinking when it comes to the mass shootings? To be clear, I'm looking for a rational discussion or even just an explanation, and I'm trying to understand all the sides to an argument here. What response do republicans want to give to the...

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