1. TheProgressivePatriot

    An Open Letter to our Resident Constitutionalist

    Introduction and Background For some time now (1) emilynghiem | US Message Board 🦅 Political Discussion Forum and I have been sparring over various social and legal issues from decidedly different philosophies and perspectives. Those differences most often centered on LGBT issues, as has...
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    Religious Right Wing Bigots Still Obsessing About Marriage-Get a Life!

    I really have to wonder about people who devote their so called lives to trying to deny others what they can take for granted- Specifically marriage. Meet Brian Brown of the National Organization for (Straight ) Marriage who is obsessing about Mayor Pete Buttigieg and who thinks that he can...
  3. G

    CDZ Should forced sex within marriage declared rape and illegal?

    There is a debate in my country where forced sex within marriage is rape or not. In one hand it's forced, so it's rape so it should be illegal. That's the logic. The muslim conservatives don't like this though. They said religions say it's okay. On the other hand, people can legitimately...
  4. deanrd

    Ebola, caravan, marriage, race, can Republicans use the same fear twice?

    Ebola, caravan, race, can Republicans use the same fear twice? So if they don’t use one of the fears that they used before, what’s the next fear? Or do they recycle them? Will the next one be gay people? Muslims? Marriage? Anyone?
  5. deanrd

    Former Miss America Deidre Downs Gunn marries same-sex partner in Alabama wedding

    I think she's crazy. For living in Alabama. You know those people are haters fill with insane right wingers. Former Miss America Deidre Downs Gunn marries same-sex partner in Alabama wedding
  6. TheProgressivePatriot

    Presumption of Parenthood. The Spouse of a Lesbian Birth Mother is a Legal Parent!

    I thought that this was quite interesting given the current anti LGBTQ environment instigated by the Trump Administration. While there have been some recent setbacks, this shows that there is still a path forward. While this issue was previously decided in favor of Lesbian couples in a number...
  7. TheProgressivePatriot

    Gods Own Party Can’t Get Over Same Sex Marriage

    Just as they have been working to water down Roe v. Wade , with restrictions on abortion, they continue to concern themselves with another, more recent decision, Obergfelle v Hodges which made same sex marriage the law of the land. They are obsessed with people private lives and social issues...
  8. L

    Meghan Markle adoring crowd v Michelle Obama Famous New Portrait: fake marriages share main agenda

    'Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle': Manhunt for non-whites and whites part of interracial couples agenda. Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Nov 2016, announcing what is now fully unfolding [added text signaled by date]. Introduction Melania v Michelle transgender ends differently from...
  9. G

    Is there any reason for a libertarian atheist rich man to get married?

    In ancient time, marriage serves a very reasonable purpose. Before we didn't have paternity tests. The only way to ensure that a child is a man's child is by law. That means rich men would need the help of the state to punish adultery. That way, that man can know that his wive's child is his...
  10. TheProgressivePatriot

    March For Marriage Draws Tens, But Promises Ultimate Victory Over Obergefell

    That is "tens" Not tens of thousands. TENS!! These people need to just give it up and get a life. March For Marriage Draws Tens, But Promises Ultimate Victory Over Obergefell | Right Wing Watch And this is really absurd!! Comparing this to the fight for abolition!! To civil rights!!!!
  11. TheProgressivePatriot

    "The Family" Takes Many Forms-But some still don't Understand

    Just when it was thought that LGBT people have come a long way, something really stupid and humiliating goes down. This is truly disgusting and disheartening. These guys should due the crap out of the airline!! Airline Refused To Let Gay Couple And Their Kids Use Family Boarding
  12. Anonymous1977

    Alimony - Why does it happen?

    Hello...I can't see all of the threads on the board right now because I have a good number of people on ignore, but can anyone (who is not on my ignore list (see signature)) explain why alimony happens? :) ... (This ellipses represents nothing negative but just a shortness for words.) -
  13. Anonymous1977

    "It is not good to marry"

    :) Question: Some might find this Bible passage difficult. It seems like some people do not like to accept it. Why exactly might some people find this passage difficult to accept. If you are a person who finds it difficult to accept, why is it difficult, if it's OK to ask? I am an...
  14. Anonymous1977

    Marriage MANDATORY (one cannot choose to never marry if one doesn't want to) in Islam

    So Mohammed "the prophet" said according to the hadith (a compiled collection of his sayings) that marriage is half of the faith of Islam and is a "responsibility" for all Moslems who are able to marry. From the Mishkat hadith: “When the servant of Allah marries, he has fulfilled half the...

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