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lindsey graham

  1. deanrd

    Does trump turning on Lindsey Graham mean anything?

    According to a White House source, “Trump recently asked prominent allies to tweet negative things about Graham, and he has been complaining that Graham is a hanger-on.” Sherman’s source also claims Trump said, “Since [John] McCain died, Lindsey follows me around and shows up to play golf and I...
  2. deanrd

    Donald Trump, Wrecker of Reputations

    Trump, Wrecker of Reputations Donald Trump, Wrecker of Reputations In his short time in politics, the President has managed to shred the careers, professional integrity, and dignity of many of those who worked for him. Attorney General William Barr is no exception. ————- When you think...
  3. TeaBagger

    Shot or Poisoned: More Proof Republicans Hate America

    Lindsey Graham says that both Cruz and Trump suck and he's right. He compared the prospect of one of them being president would be like being shot or poisoned. I agree. For the good of the GOP Graham is supporting Cruz. Cruz is far worse than Trump but Lindsey Graham like most other Republicans...
  4. washamericom

    Lindsey Graham: Trump Leading Because 40% Of GOP Voters Think Obama Is Kenyan Muslim

    Lindsey Graham: Trump Leading Because 40% Of GOP Voters Think Obama Is Kenyan Muslim Buzzfeed ^ Posted on 12/11/2015, 9:02:31 AM by springwater13 South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said his presidential opponent Donald Trump is leading in the polls because nearly half of Republican primary...

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