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  1. P@triot

    Progressive Propaganda: The Queer Edition

    The left lies that their sick laws are not abused by sex offenders. This registered sex offender would be spending all day, every day in the women’s restroom and it would be LEGAL in liberal lunacy world.
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    Biden: America Will Be A beacon Of Hope For LGBTQ Rights Again

    It is time for a president who actually believes in human rights/ civil rights and who is some one who represents all Americans regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, national origin or whatever...
  3. ChemEngineer

    Colleges Dupe Parents and Taxpayers

    Colleges Dupe Parents and Taxpayers | Frontpage Mag Colleges have been around for centuries. College students have also been around for centuries. Yet, college administrators assume that today's students have needs that were unknown to their predecessors. Those needs include diversity and...
  4. midcan5

    Staying Safe in the Trump Era

    "If hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world." Nikola Tesla Tribalism and groupthink dominate parts of America today. It sometimes seems hate has a president. It started with birtherism and then Mexicans, Muslims followed and policies towards LGBTQ added to the...
  5. TheProgressivePatriot

    Mother’s Day: My Experience Parenting a Trans Kid

    All those who rail against Transsexuality and think that trans people are sub human, mentally ill freaks need to read this. However, I doubt that those who need to hear this the most, the deeply intrenched bigots will not even click the link for fear of being exposed to information that...
  6. TheProgressivePatriot

    U.S. Supreme Court Grants Review in Three LGBTQ Employment Discrimination Lawsuits

    The Trump administration declared that a landmark federal law doesn't protect LGBT employees from workplace discrimination This should be real interesting given the change in complexion of the supreme court since the appointment of two new Justices by trump-the first changes since Windsor and...
  7. TheProgressivePatriot

    A Truely Positive Trend in America.

    Arizona. Not a bastion of liberalism, progressivism or tolerance, has for once don the right thing. Breaking: Arizona Governor Signs "No Promo Homo" Repeal Repeal Signals Inclusive Shift in Arizona Politics Good for Arizona . Children are not stupid but they do need support and...
  8. TheProgressivePatriot

    Equality Act Introduced in Congress

    I thought that "Law and Justice " would be an appropriate forum for this news article. There is still far to much discrimination against LGBTQ people . Despite the gains that have been made, many states do not prohibit discrimination in housing, employment and places of public accommodation...
  9. TheProgressivePatriot

    Presumption of Parenthood. The Spouse of a Lesbian Birth Mother is a Legal Parent!

    I thought that this was quite interesting given the current anti LGBTQ environment instigated by the Trump Administration. While there have been some recent setbacks, this shows that there is still a path forward. While this issue was previously decided in favor of Lesbian couples in a number...
  10. TheProgressivePatriot

    One More Trump Lie ….His Promise to Support and Defend LGBTQ Interests

    Well folks, we’re approaching the fist anniversary of Trumps awful presidency and the list of atrocious deeds that he is responsible for is long. There is undermining health care for millions, supporting the rape of the environment to the horror of much of the world, preparing to sign so call...
  11. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Liberals protest Democrat Charlamagne "Tha God" at Politicon for laughing about killing trannies

    Charlamagne Tha God’s Laughter at Violence Against Trans Women Is More Dangerous Than He Thinks "Put Molly all in her champagne / She ain't even know it / I took her home and I enjoyed that / She ain't even know it." "I wish a bitch would turn down my marriage proposal. It's either yes or u...

    California Dreamin' bout LGBTQ

    I just read where California has issued a Travel Ban to 4 more states, bringing the total to 8. (CNN)California has issued a ban on state-funded and state-sponsored travel to four more states that it says have laws...
  13. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Woman sexually identifies as an "objectarian" and "marries" a train station.

    I'm sure they'll make cute, little, train station hybrid babies.
  14. AsianTrumpSupporter

    When gender pronouns meet reality: man tries to kiss diamondback rattlesnake

    Obviously, this man sexually identified as an otherkin, center of gender queer, diamondback rattlesnake. Spoilers: Too bad the diamondback rattlesnake was an alt right nazi and bit him.

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