1. ChemEngineer

    Unabomber's Reading Material

    When Theodore Kaczynski, aka The Unabomber, was captured in his rathole cabin in Wyoming, several books were found among the filth, despair, and primitive bomb-making hardware. They were Earth in the Balance, by Al Gore, Mister Save The Planet, and The Guide to The Bible, by atheist Isaac...
  2. P@triot

    The left has embraced fascism in its purest form

    The left has embraced fascism in its purest form. Their entire mindset is: either bow to our ideology, or we will do everything in our power to destroy you. No tolerance for any thoughts or views other than the progressive thoughts and views...
  3. ChemEngineer

    "Low Paid Jobs" is the Constant Whine of Leftists

    Here's a thought experiment that no Leftist/Democrat/Socialist/America-Hater will ever put into practice because the results are so blatantly obvious. Why doesn't some *brilliant* and *compassionate* Leftist/Democrat/Socialist/America-Hater open The High Wage Mart? Every employee earns $25 an...
  4. ChemEngineer

    The Democrat Learning Curve

    Please post examples such as these of Hank Johnson and Maxine Waters. "Depending on what the meaning of 'is' is." - Bill Loathing the Military Clinton
  5. DOTR

    Cognitive dissonance required

    Nice shirt from Amazon proclaiming “There are more than two genders” Comes in only two styles. Men’s or women’s :) Yes, There are More than Two Genders Shirt https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D5SG9JK/?tag=ff0d01-20
  6. CarlinAnnArbor

    If They're the Good Guys....

    Why do they hide behind masks like common thugs?
  7. American_Jihad

    Democrats green-light violence

    Teach the dumbocrats, criminalcrats, isiscrats and left/media a lesson in 2018, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, etc, etc... THE PERSECUTION OF PATRIOT PRAYER Democrats green-light violence by smearing mainstream group rallying in San Francisco as neo-Nazis. August 25, 2017 Matthew Vadum...
  8. American_Jihad

    The Master Party would rather destroy America than question its own superiority

    I can see why the dumbocrats are imploding 2018 should finish them off... THE DEMOCRATS’ DANGEROUS DOLCHSTOSSLEGENDE The Master Party would rather destroy America than question its own superiority. August 17, 2017 Daniel Greenfield The Democrats went into the election certain that they...
  9. American_Jihad

    Fascism and Nazism are both phenomena of the left

    It is what it is... BIG LIAR How Theodor Adorno redefined Fascism. August 11, 2017 Dinesh D'Souza Fascism and Nazism are both phenomena of the left. This makes ideological sense, because at their core they represent ideologies of the centralized, all-powerful state. Moreover, fascism grew...
  10. J

    Why are "progressives" calling immigration reform "racist"?

    I haven't really had time to do much reading on this, but isn't the premise basically that you should speak English and have something to offer? Yet I heard Jim Acosta fighting Steven Miller (who is a real creep, but that's beside the point), implying that the effort is not to improve America's...
  11. American_Jihad

    Backtracking The Deadly Dynamics Of The Left

    Look, progressive liberal left-wing heroes, LOSERS... THE VIOLENCE INHERENT IN THE SYSTEM Backtracking the deadly dynamics of the Left. June 27, 2017 Lloyd Billingsley ... Many progressives bailed after the Hitler-Stalin Pact and in 1949, Arthur Koestler, Louis Fisher, Richard Wright and...
  12. American_Jihad

    An important lesson for the left

    They need a lot of lessons, wonder what going to happen when all this hysteria blows back on them, poor snowflake/crybabies... MEMORIAL DAY IN A DIVIDED NATION An important lesson for the left. May 29, 2017 Daniel Greenfield ... Today a new breed of leftists gleefully tears down...
  13. anotherlife

    A deliciously evil but fair solution for the Agenda 21 decree.

    Agenda 21 decrees that the world population must reduce to 500 million or so. The leftist collectivists that rule Europe and America are working for this by exploiting the ideology and administration of nation states. They are right in that public sentiment is successfully perverted to place...
  14. American_Jihad


    I'll be checking this one out soon... THE DEVIL’S PLEASURE PALACE Michael Walsh's new book unveils the cult of critical theory and the subversion of the West. February 8, 2016 Mark Tapson For years now, many conservative writers, myself included, have increasingly urged engagement in the...
  15. American_Jihad

    Why Don't Republicans Identify What They Are Fighting?

    It's high time we name radical Islam the enemy... Why Don't Republicans Identify What They Are Fighting? Time to name the enemy. December 17, 2015 Dennis Prager American conservatives are rightfully annoyed with the Obama administration, and Democrats generally, for refusing to name radical...

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