1. F

    Iranian Guy Tries Asian Candy and Snacks !!!! Top 5 rated Worst To Best !!!!

    For a while now I had been wanting to do a proper all Asian snacks and candy video and try a bunch of new flavours and new snacks. So I finally decided to go ahead and do it. I chose POCKY CRUNCHY STRAWBERRY , CHITATO FRIED NOODLES FLAVOUR POTATO CHIPS , LOTTE PEPERO ALMOND & CHOCOLATE , MEIJI...
  2. deanrd

    Trump’s fantastic new trade deal with Japan.........some corn?

    Japan agrees to buy more U.S. corn under trade deal - FreightWaves the trade deal does not lift the 2.5% tariff on Japanese vehicles or major auto parts exported to the U.S. —— Even with the 7 billion added from Japan it looks like American agriculture is still down 7 billion. But see...
  3. deanrd

    Buy American? Australian beef 27%, Canadian wheat 14%——CHEAPER!!!!

    Buy American? Australian beef 27%, Canadian wheat 14%——CHEAPER!!!! I was just reading about the new trans Pacific treaty that’s been signed between Japan and Australia and Canada and other countries and they left out America. The only reason this hasn’t been in the news is because everybody is...
  4. Markle

    President Trump announced today that China is halting all their banks from dealing with North Korea

    President Trump announced today that China is halting all their banks from dealing with North Korea This was just announced at a lunch attended by President Donald Trump, South Korea, and Japan. This was a stunning, totally unexpected announcement. President Donald Trump continues to stand...
  5. Litwin

    Falling oil prices: Who are the winners and losers?

    Venezuela is down for sure, which one comes the next ? Muscovy, Algeria or Nigeria? my guess , it´ll be Muscovy, too big for an empire in 2017 , too cold and poor. what do you think? "Global oil prices have fallen sharply over the past seven months, leading to significant revenue shortfalls in...
  6. K

    CDZ Payment to Russian for hacking US election

    Russia for sure has helped Trump to win the election by playing a big role in email hacking event. Russia won't do it for free. There must be a secret deal between the intelligence of two countries. We outsiders can only see it from some facts. The secret deal: Hacked email were handed to...
  7. MindWars

    TRUMP Tweets major announcement

    Today, President-elect Donald J. Trump used his Twitter account to send a bold message about job creation in the U.S. Trump was set to meet today with SoftBank Group Corp. founder and Chief Executive Officer Masayoshi Son. TRUMP TWEETS MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT The Trump haters keep getting...
  8. midcan5

    Australia for Contrast

    I was going to comment on these pieces but thought let the reader come to their own conclusion. The top piece is by Charles Bowden and talks about immigration, the second piece is on China's business involvement in Australia. The third article is on gun policy, and the forth piece on whales and...
  9. Maggdy

    Brussels today

    This is a Japan flower carpet in Brussels. The seasons represent a central theme in Japanese culture, with flowers symbolising the changing of the seasons and the passage. More: Brussels 'flower carpet' has Japanese theme | Reuters
  10. midcan5

    Animal Killers Japan

    And yet Americans still support Japan by buying their autos and other products? Animal lovers in America are outraged if an Animal is mistreated and yet they fail to help in this important issue. And to top it off, Americans complain about deficits and social security solvency as they support...

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