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  1. BrotherOppa

    Hello , I am Oppa. I am from Nigeria.

    Hello all, good day. I'm Oppa from Nigeria. I finished my tertiary education few days ago in my home state and decided to join this forum. I am a freelance content and research writer too. I'll be posting new articles from my home country here too. Thanks all.
  2. Sterre

    Who am I?

    Hi all, I'm from Europe (Belgium) and not here for the politics discussions. :D A friend of mine pointed out this forum for entertainment purposes. I'm just checking things out, and if I like it here, the games section is where you'll find me. If you want to get to know me better, leave me a...
  3. N

    Just here to drop a little hello.

    Giving this message board a shot and seeing if it's right for me. Been needing to find a place to form my political thoughts out more.
  4. NewsVine_Mariyam

    NewsVine Refugee

    Hello All, I was a participant on Newsvine for almost 10 years before it shut down in October 2017. I've looked around for a new place to participate in discussions surrounding current events but only found a few news sites that still allow user comment. The problem has been that most members...
  5. bank_on_carrie

    Carrie here.

    Hello. Carrie here. I analyse company earnings data and produce/critique infographics and graphs. Do ping your infographs at me. Companies I focus on are Colgate-Palmolive, Starbucks, General Motors, AOBC (Smith&Wesson) and the lot. Cheers, guys.
  6. Sundown

    Introduction thread

    Facts about me: live in a city work in an office big fan of political thrillers big fan of political history insert fifth fact here.
  7. Damian

    Season's Greetings

    Please pardon my belated introduction; since I joined here late last night. I stumbled across this site, as I was looking for a good place to "converse" and share some of my sufficient views on various topics abroad. For various reason, I am going to use my pen name on here. My real name, and...
  8. Y

    New member, 1st post

    My politics are socially moderate but fiscally conservative. I do not believe in either more tax cuts for the rich nor more safety nets for the poor. The middle class do not need anything but they are disappearing fast. While I understand Keynesian economic concepts I do not believe in...
  9. CelloX


    Hi, I am from the northern United States. I am a Christian who doesn't really like the Republican party all that much (Abortion and, to some extent, gay marriage just typically demands my vote goes to the Republican party).
  10. T


    My name is Michael, and I'm actually going to university for political science, so I'm all for debating and such. Politically I guess I'd consider myself independent: I actually tried starting my own political party platform, which you can see here on facebook with a description and such if you...
  11. TheGreatKing

    Hi everybody!

    Hello! Looking forward to interesting interactions with you nice people.
  12. Metal-Tiger

    a few comments about myself

    My interests cover a wide spectrum , but I try to focus on how we all may help each other understand what is really going on in the world , how we may effect good change , and most important , how we may have some fun in the process . I'm a machinist by trade , my main hobbies are gardening ...
  13. E

    New Member... clearly

    Long time reader first time member, isn't that what everyone says. Thought it might be entertaining to become a bit more involved rather than simply lurking about on the sidelines, not least of all since there seems to be an entertaining and active community here on the current political circus.
  14. Selurong

    Selurong Introduction

    Hello there! My name is Selurong. I am from the Philippines, but I am very interested in American related affairs.
  15. C

    Newbie here

    Hello everyone, I just join this forum, mainly discuss about US-China relationships and their foreign policy and current events. I hope I will find lots of discussion here.

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