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  1. Dan Stubbs

    Six men arrest for sexual crimes.

    They are report that Montgomery county is having a Rape epidemic involving 6 illegals all the victims are in the age range of 11 12 the Government is soft on arresting illegals and many of the residents are up in arms over the action taken. It is not getting better out in many area of the...
  2. L

    One Proven Way To Stop Illegal Border Crossings

    United states hates them, Europe managed to reduce asylum claims by 80% using one simple trick. They moved their asylum office to the countries where the migrants are coming from. The video explains this more.
  3. L

    Democrats Speaking Spanish

    So as you probably heard the democrats started speaking Spanish at their debate. Do not get me wrong but knowing multiple languages is awesome. I know Spanish fluently but if you are running to be president you should express your ideas in English. If you start speaking another language you are...
  4. The Original Tree

    Using Alcatraz to House Illegal Immigrants.

    This country is being over run with Illegal Immigrants. Recent statistics show that 65% of immigrants use Public Assistance dispelling the myth that they are contributing to the economy vs. the 20% to 30% of US Citizens that use some type of Public Assistance. Many of the Asylum seekers are...
  5. RodISHI

    Europeans want their leaders to consider their safety first

    Normal human reaction to be invaded with hostile peeps I think. Rejection of illegal immigration is the normal not the other way around no matter what leftist are trying to push. "The populist, anti-migration nationalists are on the rise across the European Union and recent polls show the rate...
  6. Dan Stubbs

    In Sheriff's Department Forced not to report Illegals who Break the Law

    The Government and Progressive ACLU now forcing Police Department to NOT help Federal Lawmen deport Illegals. A federal appellate court just heard oral arguments involving an outrageous backdoor deal in which a county sheriff promises a leftwing civil rights group to stop detaining illegal...
  7. Dan Stubbs

    Updates on the "Dreamers".

    Here is the latest update on the border crosser actiity. As the separation of families pouring in from Mexico dominates the airwaves several disturbing cases involving illegal aliens shift the focus back to the devastating impact of America’s poorly guarded southern border. In the last few...
  8. P@triot

    Time to restore law in the U.S.

    For 8 years the left celebrated a lawless nation under Barack Obama. That is one of many reasons that the American people turned the entire federal government (and the overwhelming majority of state governments) to the Republican Party. Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to charge Rahm Emanuel...
  9. P@triot

    San Francisco Hopes Trump Fear Will Lead To Voting Rights For Illegal Immigrants

    It was the end game all along. Liberals have long realized they can't win elections (or when they do - stay in power) in honest elections. They desperately need fraud and they need people from other socialist nations even more. San Francisco Hopes Trump Fear Will Lead To Voting Rights For...

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