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hitler was a socialist

  1. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Surprise, surprise, DNC in favor of living wage and unions for employees; just not their own

    Long Hours, Low Pay Push Some Democratic Campaign Workers To Unionize… Many political campaign workers spend long hours at low pay, living off of pizza and coffee, all in the hope of seeing their candidate win. Now, labor organizers are setting their signs bringing those workers into the labor...
  2. AsianTrumpSupporter

    California senator introduces virtual book burning bill

    California Bill Creates Liberal ‘Fact-Checkers’ To Filter Your Online Content California Senator Richard Pan has put forward a new bill that will create “fact-checkers to verify news stories” in order to “mitigate the spread of false information through news stories.” This is something that...
  3. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Fahrenheit 451 HBO film starring Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon

    I like both of these lead actors. This film seems similar to Equilibrium, which, in hindsight, seems to have "borrowed" a lot from this classic Ray Bradbury novel. The trailer looks interesting. It seems to show someone becoming woke after being a good little liberal who listens to...
  4. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Indian doctor explains why Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren is a racist

    He's also running against her. He'd have my vote if I lived there.
  5. AsianTrumpSupporter

    It's all fun and socialism until a country implodes into dictatorship or civil war: Venezuela

    Just a few of the noteworthy items from the video: -It is now more lucrative for the Venezuelan military to traffic food instead of drugs thanks to hyperinflation and food shortages. -World of Warcraft (video game) money is now more valuable than Venezuelan money. Venezuela used to be the...
  6. AsianTrumpSupporter

    To survive in socialist Venezuela, merchants demand U.S. dollars as hyperinflation approaches 2,000%

    Venezuelans scramble to survive as merchants demand dollars CARACAS/CIUDAD GUAYANA, Venezuela (Reuters) - There was no way Jose Ramon Garcia, a food transporter in Venezuela, could afford new tires for his van at $350 each. Whether he opted to pay in U.S. currency or in the devalued local...
  7. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Bernie Sanders admits the middle-class tax cuts are a good thing yet lies by omission about it

    Jake Tapper Gets Bernie Sanders To Admit The Middle-Class Tax Cuts In The GOP Bill Are ‘A Good Thing’ On Sunday, CNN’s “State of the Union" host Jake Tapper put Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in an uncomfortable position, forcing him to acknowledge that the middle-class tax cuts in the GOP bill are...
  8. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a powerful film about the evils of communism/socialism *SPOILERS!!!*

    This review/topic will contain spoilers for all Star Wars films. If you haven't seen episodes 1-8 plus Rogue One, leave now. You've been warned. The Empire is basically the almighty, liberal state/Deep State with backasswards views that view civil liberties and freedom as evil. Or, as Anakin...
  9. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Anti-science liberals tell teachers to not refer to students as boys or girls

    Do not refer to female pupils as 'girls' or 'ladies' because it 'reminds them of their gender', headteachers told Teachers should not refer to pupils as “girls" or "ladies” because it means they are “constantly reminded of their gender”, the Government’s former mental health tsar has said...
  10. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Democratic Socialist, Kim Jong-un, bans singing, drinking, and Mother's Day

    Kim Jong-un 'bans drinking, singing and Mothers' Day celebrations' in wake of sanctions on North Korea North Korea has reportedly banned gatherings that involve drinking alcohol and singing, in new measures designed to stifle the impact of crippling international sanctions over the hermit...
  11. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Since Google Nazis believe in modern book burning, free speech rival to VidCon is almost funded

    The Fundraiser has raised about $57,250.00 of its $85,000.00 goal: For those who don't follow VidCon drama, here's a taste of what VidCon has become under the liberal Nazis: I will be donating, and I may even be able to attend since it's way out in April.
  12. AsianTrumpSupporter

    ICE is reportedly planning a nationwide raid on a chain restaurant that knowingly hires illegals

    ICE is reportedly planning a nationwide raid on a chain restaurant U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will be sending agents to a national food chain in the near future as part of a series of nationwide workplace raids, The Daily Beast reported Tuesday. The stated goal of the raids...
  13. AsianTrumpSupporter

    California Tried to Seize Millions of Dollars of This Inventor’s Fortune. He Fought Back and Won.

    I'm glad he fought back and won.
  14. AsianTrumpSupporter

    President Trump is exploring the possibility of suing universities over racist affirmative action

    Report: Trump seeks to sue schools over affirmative action seen to hurt whites The Trump administration is directing the Justice Department to explore whether it can sue institutions of higher education over affirmative action policies that the White House deems discriminatory against white...
  15. AsianTrumpSupporter

    The commie faggots at the BBC pay their top male stars a LOT more than their top female stars

    BBC pays top male star five times more than top woman LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's public broadcaster, the BBC, pays its top male star five times more than its best-paid female presenter, it revealed on Wednesday after bowing to the government's demand to publish the salaries of its highest...
  16. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Shia LaBeouf shows his true liberal values in racist verbal attack on Black cop

    Shia LaBeouf Apologizes After New Racist Videos Surface: ‘I Am Deeply Ashamed’ Further videos have surfaced of Shia LaBeouf’s outlandish behavior after being arrested for public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and obstruction in Savannah, Ga., in which he tells a black police officer that he...
  17. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Israel sides with Hungary and confirms that Nazi George Soros is a threat

    Israel backs Hungary, says financier Soros is a threat Israel's foreign ministry has issued a statement denouncing U.S. billionaire George Soros, a move that appeared designed to align Israel more closely with Hungary ahead of a visit to Budapest next week by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu...
  18. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Asian stars of Hawaii 5-0 quit after liberal CBS refuses to pay them as much as co-stars

    The Asian stars of 'Hawaii Five-0' quit the show after CBS refused to pay them as much as their white costars "Hawaii Five-0" stars Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park have left the CBS show after the network refused to pay them as much as their white co-stars, Variety reports. Alex O’Loughlin and...
  19. Locke11_21

    YES!!! Right-wingers rush stage and disrupt Shakespear - Trump killing play!!

    This absolutely made my night. The Shakespeare play in Central Park, which is directed by Jew, Tony Kushner got a much needed and unexpected surprise. During the play, right-wingers disrupted the play and rushed the stage. This is beautiful. It's about time the right-wing throws out this "we're...
  20. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Libs care so much about minorities & women that only a white male celeb kept his job after apology

    Reza Aslan, Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher: TV takes offense – selectively The last couple of weeks could serve as a case study for anyone looking into where political correctness, free speech and the priorities of TV networks intersect. It all began with Kathy Griffin posing with a severed head...
  21. AsianTrumpSupporter

    5 reasons why communism does NOT work

    Very good primer for why capitalism will always win, because communism is dumb. Here are some deeper analyses for why communism is dumb by Professor Jordan B. Peterson: When communist, Chinese tanks invaded North Korea, my grandfather got up and ran to South Korea with only what he could...
  22. AsianTrumpSupporter

    A second Evergreen State College Professor has come out in support of Professor Bret Weinstein

    A Second Evergreen Professor Speaks Out The site's explanation for publishing this email: This blog post contains the text of an email sent out on June 1 by Mike Paros, a professor of biology and veterinary medicine at Evergreen State College. So far, Paros is the only faculty member at...
  23. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Protesters burn Hugo Chavez's home as Venezuela prepares to use snipers to kill protesters

    Hugo Chavez's childhood home burned by protesters in Venezuela, lawmaker says Protesters set fire to late President Hugo Chavez's childhood home in western Venezuela on Monday, an opposition lawmaker said, as protests against the South American nation's socialist government grew increasingly...
  24. ShootSpeeders

    Zillionaire Zuckerberg wants a guaranteed basic income for everyone.

    This might be ok if those accepting the free money agreed to never have kids. The only answer to poverty is to stop the poor from breeding .
  25. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Liberals oppose gun rights, because minorities can shoot back at the KKK with guns.

    Artisans So White: Minority Workers and the Fight Against Below-the-Line Bias GROSSU: Margaret Sanger, racist eugenicist extraordinaire Karl Marx, the Racist Democrat is the party of the KKK. You don't have to look farther than the racist, segregated Hollywood liberals to see that the...
  26. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Liberals successfully shut down Professor Jordan Peterson university talk... he just takes the talk outside:

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