1. protectionist

    Do Not Be Without a Gun

    The crime channels have become quite popular on TV lately. The many shows they present, show people being beaten, raped, and in many cases killed. Some of these attacks are shown in disturbing live footage. Others show victims, often women with scarred faces, telling their tales of horror...
  2. protectionist

    Another QUIZ for Liberals

    Suppose you are threatened with violence, by an irrational stranger. You display your legally carried gun, and warn the guy to keep his hands visible. Right then, he reaches into his pocket. What do you do ? Please: Liberals only answer this.
  3. Justin Richardson

    Tale of Two Cities

    #Guns #SecondAdmendment #Constitution
  4. capego

    2nd Amendment Unapologetic Meaning

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. "a free State" = not a tyranny "A well regulated Militia," is stated here to indicate it is assumed to arise given the right of the people to bear...
  5. Pop23

    What percentage of Murders would not be committed if AR-15s were banned?

    None The AR-15 is not a prerequisite to Murder. Other weapons would take it's place possibly creating even more deaths. Murderers Murder and Rapists Rape. Thinking you are going to stop either by banning a type of weapon is naive at best.
  6. Pop23

    The questions the left are reluctant to answer. Maybe they fear the answer?

    I have posed this question, in various forms, to those that advocate banning certain weapons and those that want "common sense" regulations and restrictions on guns, and have yet to have had it answered by any. I'll start with the scenario and the question to see if starting a thread on it...
  7. Chuz Life

    Criminals be quaking in their boots!

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein reintroduces assault weapons ban legislation Feinstein never one to let a tragedy go to waste.
  8. Y

    When the chimes end ...

  9. Divine Wind

    Good man with a gun saves Arizona Trooper

    An Arizona State Trooper responded to a traffic accident and was shot by a suspect then, while down, was beaten by the suspect. The trooper called for help. A passing motorist stopped, retrieved his gun and, after severals warnings to stop beating the Trooper, shot the suspect dead. Motorist...
  10. Divine Wind

    Gun fun

    For gun hobbyists, not a political discussion of gun control. My latest acquisition for hog/sport shooting: A Hi-Point .45 carbine. I bought my wife the 9mm version and saw this one in the gun store last week while looking at wheel guns. It was the .45 caliber that attracted me...
  11. Chuz Life

    CDZ USMB POLL: Woman shot, killed by two-year-old son - Who is responsible for this woman's death?

    (Reuters) - A woman was accidentally shot and killed at a Walmart store in northern Idaho on Tuesday when her 2-year-old son pulled a loaded handgun from her purse that then went off, a county sheriff said. The 29-year-old woman was shopping at a Walmart in Hayden, Idaho, with the toddler...
  12. Slade3200

    Gun Control - What's the Problem?

    I'm a gun owner, most of my friends are gun owners, but i'm confused... What is the problem that most conservatives have with President Obama's Gun Control ideas? I hear the speeches, read the plans, watched the town hall and listen to commentary on both sides until my ears bleed and I still...
  13. O

    Buying my first Rifle

    I am looking to purchase my first long gun/rifle. The main reason is for large game hunting(ie deer), with a secondary reason of "home defense". I know, a long gun is not the most practical for home defense, therefore it is the secondary reason. What I am looking for is some advice as to what to...

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