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  1. D

    What kind of a country is modern Ukraine?

    When the question “What kind of a country is modern Ukraine?” is asked, Americans usually answer that it doesn’t matter for them, what kind of a country modern Ukraine is. However, in the past it did matter for Americans what kind of a country Libya was in 2011 when the U.S. bombed it; or it...
  2. phoenyx

    CDZ Free Speech Threatened by Censorship Extremists |

    Found an article published on today on the title subject, thought it was interesting. Always been a fan of civilized discussion, hoping we can get some going here on it. Here's their "story at a glance" version... ** STORY AT-A-GLANCE A number of elected government officials are...
  3. RodISHI

    When will they send out the Brown-shirts for you?

    I am questioning the article by CNN as they are known to lie but sometimes they do tell a truth or two. What do you all think will be the time frame before they start sending the Brown-shirts out to insure you and yours are all vaccinated? The propaganda blitz is on full swing as the...
  4. RodISHI

    Congressman Adam Schiff wrote Mark Zuckerberg

    Is it legal and ethical for a congress critter to threaten a so called private company? There is a lot of lies in Shitf's letter to Zuckerberg. Even the courts admitted vaccines are unavoidably not safe. If this asshat was so worried about misinformation and propaganda shouldn't he go after...
  5. AsianTrumpSupporter

    California senator introduces virtual book burning bill

    California Bill Creates Liberal ‘Fact-Checkers’ To Filter Your Online Content California Senator Richard Pan has put forward a new bill that will create “fact-checkers to verify news stories” in order to “mitigate the spread of false information through news stories.” This is something that...
  6. The Original Tree

    How Wicked Can The Governments Of Men Be? The Easter Story and Natural Law!

    What can the Cost of Free Speech, & Freedom of Religion Be? Consider The Following: John The Baptist, arguably the last Old Testament Prophet, for preaching against sin, and unrighteousness, and for advocating a personal relationship with God outside of Organized Religion, and for prophesying...
  7. Divine Wind

    Twitter sues US gov't over anti-Trump account

    This should be interesting for freedom of speech rights. Wouldn't it be ironic if Twitter ends up banning Trump off Twitter? Twitter sues government over attempt to unmask anti-Trump account
  8. P@triot

    The fascist Obama Administration

    As if there were any doubt about the unconstitutional actions and fascism of Barack Obama and his administration - here comes this little gem: "The USDA threatened to shut down this family-owned company, not because of health concerns, or because short ribs were incorrectly labeled as plate...
  9. P@triot

    ENOUGH....Time for Liberty....NOW

    Sorry, liberal's time for my constitutional rights to trump all of your fears. I'm sorry if the U.S. is just too "scary" for you. I'm sorry you live your lives like cowards - paranoid of an inanimate object. But as Patrick Henry said: "Give me liberty or give me death". If neither...
  10. P@triot

    There is nothing more regressive than progressives

    Liberals continue to block the progress of mankind. Their first attempt was with economics. They took us back to the 1800's - implementing Karl Marx's "from each according this abilities, to each according to his needs". And though it has collapsed economies around the globe, that wasn't quite...
  11. P@triot

    We are literally living Atlas Shrugged

    Chilling. Absolutely chilling. The left has fully embraced the Nazi fascist thought-control and propaganda ideology. First of all, "Global Warming" has been completely proven to be a conspiracy created by Al Gore and other Democrat politicians in order to make billions of dollars. It's been...
  12. P@triot

    Progressive Student: "I'm Scared My Peers Have Gone off the Deep End in Killing Free Speech"

    With each passing day, the left has become more fascist and more violent. Conservatives have peacefully put up with the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid reign of terror for almost 8 years. No riots in the streets. No violence. And yet when Donald Trump simply runs for political office, the left turns to...
  13. Anonymous1977

    Freedom of speech...(allowed in Israel?)

    So in our country America, we have freedom of speech. Is the same true in Israel? (anyone know...?) It may be law in Israel that this or that said about the Jewish race could be punishable by death or imprisonment...but that obviously is not an American idea, killing or imprisoning over words...
  14. Anonymous1977

    Freedom of speech in the Moslem world/murdering for "scandalizing God's Messenger" do the Moslems have freedom of speech in their countries? this video, American Moslem leader Louis Farrakhan says that verbally attacking "God's Messenger" ("scandalizing" as he put it) justifies killing the person who does it...if the Moslems believe in murdering those who...

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