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  1. Tom Paine 1949

    Trump to announce withdrawal of additional troops from Afghanistan & Iraq in coming days

    As expected, and as I predicted, Trump is planning to withdraw some troops from Afghanistan (and Iraq) in the run-up to the election. The Democratic rank and file should support these moves, but it is likely some DNC leaders will stupidly oppose them simply because Trump is initiating them. Of...
  2. keepitreal

    The Nerve: Hillary Says Europe Needs To Get A Handle On Migration

    Europe’s leaders need to send a much stronger message that they will no longer offer “refuge and support” to migrants if they want to curb the right-wing populism spreading across the Continent, Hillary Clinton warned in an interview published Thursday. Mrs. Clinton said that while the decision...
  3. deanrd

    Voter concerns: Corruption zooms to number two behind the economy

    Voter concerns: Corruption zooms to number two behind the economy. 1. The economy 2. Corruption in DC 3. Healthcare 4. foreign policy 5. immigration The economy because of the widening wage gap. And the low minimum wage. And corruption in DC. Notice it’s in DC, not the rest of the...
  4. H

    K-pop meets “NK-Pop”? How music brought the two Koreas closer

    K-pop meets “NK-Pop”? How music brought the two Koreas closer Will possible future cultural exchanges help improve inter-Korean relations? So far, the responses have been largely positive, but it is unclear if such events will continue beyond the Games.
  5. The Original Tree

    The Left Simply Does Not Culturally Understand President Trump

    3 Reasons The Left Doesn't Understand The President. 1.) Domestic Cultural Differences. It's my opinion that much of The Left's Outrage is based in Ignorance of Cultural Differences between Nations & people even within our own borders. They are not accustomed to BLUNT Words, followed with...
  6. P@triot

    Catastrophic foreign policy failures can always be traced back to Democrat presidents

    "And after years of furtive activity in North Korea, attempts to placate the Communist state seem to have only encouraged its dangerous leaders." Yeah - no kidding. This was a lesson learned by rational people (otherwise known as "conservatives") hundreds of years ago. You cannot placate evil...
  7. OldLady

    America First. R U Sure?

    I wanted to share this conservative's view on Trump's foreign policy. Charles Krauthammer: Trump's foreign-policy revolution By Charles Krauthammer, The Washington Post Jan 29, 2017 WASHINGTON — The flurry of bold executive orders and of highly provocative Cabinet nominations (such as a...
  8. P@triot

    Putin just alpha-maled Obama and Dropped the Mic

    Few things have illustrated Barack Obama's complete and total ineptitude as president than his inability to deal with Vladimir Putin and Russia. Hell, he wasn't even able to recognize that he needed to deal with Vladimir Putin and Russia. It wasn't until Mitt Romney clued him in during their...
  9. F

    American Involvement in the Refugee Crisis Poll

    For our twelfth grade Politics & Media class, we have created a short survey, and are looking to receive as many response as possible. Please take a minute or two to answer our question regarding the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and if you have any further questions or comments you'd like to share...
  10. anotherlife

    9/11 victims suing Saudi Arabia?

    President Obama's veto against the 9/11 suing games has just got overruled by congress, the first ever such thing in US history. So, if Saudi Arabia gets sued now, then will the 10000+ drone victims in Pakistan and the Middle East sue back? That way America will have to pay out even more...
  11. P@triot

    So much for the false narrative that Obama was "repairing" our reputation with the world

    Our closest allies (England and Israel) now hate us. And our biggest enemies (Russia and China) hate us more than ever and are showing aggression towards us on a consistent basis. Now relations have fallen apart with the Philipines thanks to Obama's bungling of foreign relations. President...
  12. American_Jihad

    A post-Obama foreign policy

    The next potus has a lot of work to do. The executive orders will be easy just put them in a shredder. The hard stuff will be to replace all the political left personnel in all dept... Restoring America’s Greatness Abroad, Part 1 A post-Obama foreign policy. March 24, 2016 Kenneth R...
  13. American_Jihad

    Obama Decided to Fight ISIS Because He Watched a Batman Movie

    That's sad/scary/funny all at the same time, na na na na na libtart... Obama Decided to Fight ISIS Because He Watched a Batman Movie March 10, 2016 Daniel Greenfield We've been misreading Obama's foreign policy all this time. Forget about trying to tie it to radical left wing ideas. Obama...
  14. Slade3200

    Iran Deal: Funding Terrorists or Improving Diplomacy

    The Right is tearing this Iran deal apart. The Left defends the attempt to progress diplomatic relations with Iran and prevent the development of Nuclear weapons. Now that the sanctions have been lifted and Iran has access to $100 Billion there is a media uproar. The squakers are inaccurately...
  15. washamericom

    i'm still unclear, is it ok for assad to use chemical weapons or not ??

    this is in politics so i'll justify it being here. it's obama's foreign policy, and would be bernie's or hillary's or martin o'malley's (or as trump calls o'malley "the third guy") Trump would not have first drawn that ridiculous red line that would change our calculus. i think security is...

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