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  1. midcan5

    Evangelicals and Trump

    Trump has shown some amazing things about religion in America and particularly Evangelicals when it comes to political power. You would think Trump Christ-like. But I fail to remember Christ being in favor of caging children or breaking up families. Did I miss that? Two pieces below help, it...
  2. midcan5

    Staying Safe in the Trump Era

    "If hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world." Nikola Tesla Tribalism and groupthink dominate parts of America today. It sometimes seems hate has a president. It started with birtherism and then Mexicans, Muslims followed and policies towards LGBTQ added to the...
  3. deanrd

    We evangelicals believe in absolute moral and spiritual truth, which is why we voted for Trump.

    "Beyond repugnant": GOP congressman slams Trump for quoting pastor's warning of "Civil War like fracture" "Even though the evangelical number has dropped as a whole, the number of evangelicals turning out at the ballot box is greater than other groups, and it's because evangelicals have deeper...
  4. deanrd

    Jerry Falwell Junior leading evangelicals into lives of debauchery and greed

    Jerry Falwell Jr. enmeshed in scandal — but his fans won't care The laundry list of malfeasance and inappropriate behavior is impressive, "from partying at nightclubs, to graphically discussing his sex life with employees, to electioneering" and "directing university resources into projects and...
  5. deanrd

    Have evangelicals made a mistake with their support of sexual predators?

    Have evangelicals made a mistake with their support of sexual predators? Donald Trump boasted that he was a sexual predator and evangelicals support him 100% without question. Evangelicals supported Roy Moore. And now evangelicals support Brett Kavanaugh . His name actually came from the...
  6. deanrd

    Did evangelicals and religious conservatives make a mistake showing us who they are?

    Did evangelicals and religious conservatives make a mistake showing us who they are? It looks as if religious conservatives and evangelicals will do anything to force America to live by what they feel are moral laws. Before Ronald Reagan evangelicals and religious conservatives weren’t that...
  7. deanrd

    Peter Wehner served 3 GOP admins: Everything Trump touches rots. The worst is yet to come.

    The Full-Spectrum Corruption of Donald Trump an incredible op ed from Peter Wehner. But it's not free. The Last Temptation Trump’s background and beliefs could hardly be more incompatible with traditional Christian models of life and leadership. Trump’s past political stances (he once...
  8. EvilEyeFleegle

    ‘This Is Not of God’: When Anti-Trump Evangelicals Confront Their Brethren

    ‘This Is Not of God’: When Anti-Trump Evangelicals Confront Their Brethren I've wondered how people of faith are viewing Trump..this article was an eye-opener--The article is ong..this is just a brief quote: The night before Shane Claiborne came to town to preach at a Christian revival, he...
  9. deanrd

    Maybe it's a time we had a chaplain who is NOT a Catholic

    House Chaplain Pat Conroy rescinds his resignation In the letter, he addressed speculation that lawmakers wanted a chaplain who wasn't Catholic. "While you never spoke with me in person, nor did you send me any correspondence, on Friday, April 13, 2018 your Chief of Staff, Jonathon Burks, came...
  10. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Coming Trumpocalypse: End Times in America and How to Stop It

    Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my supreme honor to award the Deranged Crackpot of the Week award to Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson.. Who are Paul and Troy?? First a little background: ‘End Times’ prophets beg Trump to give Americans a last chance to repent before unleashing ‘Trumpocalypse’...
  11. TheProgressivePatriot


    Yes the tide has turned. There is no going back!! The Evangelicals and other reactionary forces in the US think that they can turn back the clock, but they had better think again in view of the fact that much of the developed, western world continues to move forward.
  12. Motti

    The Baneful Apocalyptic Triad of USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia

    Analysis on Trump recently concluded visit to Saudi Arabia and the ongoing one to Israel Rest of the article can be read here: The Baneful Apocalyptic Triad of USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia
  13. midcan5

    For PoliticalChic and Homeschoolers and....

    Everyone live in a bubble. Some bubbles are broad and encompassing others narrow and limited. PC and I have talked past each other often, each assuming the other is listening. We've been on usmb for years now. So this OP is for PC and her constant arguments about education and its effects. An...
  14. TheProgressivePatriot

    Trump and the Religious Right -What is going on?

    We know that Donald J. Trump is not a particularly religious person, despite his waving the bible from a podium and proclaiming that it is his favorite book. He has not exactly exemplified the values and lifestyle that true Christians aspire to. But we also know that he successfully courted...
  15. midcan5

    What did I learn from this election

    In a real sense white educated and uneducated America voted hate*, hate born of many years of right wing media: Limbaugh, Savage, Coulter, Newsmax, and Fox media are only a part of the mostly rural hate machine. It hates progress and diversity, it hates what is often called political...
  16. MrFritz

    True Christian Women Reject Trump

    Powerful Evangelical Women Split From Male Church Leaders to Slam Trump Evangelicals tend to be liars, ignoramuses, and hypocrites for the most part. They are not dumping Trump because Trump is everything a Christian is not supposed to be. They are dropping Trump because they have no way to...

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