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drain the swamp

  1. The Original Tree

    Time for The Silent Majority to GET LOUD!

    It's time for Americans to stand up against The Communists, Socialist, Globalists Enviro Terrorists, Criminals, and Islamocists who have allied together to take down America. We are going to disrupt, disrupt, disrupt, disrupt your Hate Rallies. Remember The Alamo, Remember Lexington and...
  2. The Original Tree

    Is Nazi Nadler Above The Law?

    I can also ask the same of Adolph Schiffler who illegally spied on The White House Counsel, Devin Nunes, and Some Journalists. Are Schiff & Nadler above The Law? Schiff obtained journalist John Solomon’s phone records, and nobody in the media seems to care Adam Schiff Connected to Both...
  3. The Original Tree

    Brennan Traveled to The Ukraine with a Fake Identity to get "Dirt on Trump" for Obama & Clinton

    BOOM THERE IT IS! As has been the case for 3 years, The Democrats are EVIL Lying Seditious and Traitorous Scumbags who will stop at nothing to gain power, right down to launching a COUP, and Committing Treason. First Obama and Clinton beg Putin for help in beating Trump in 2016, and then...
  4. The Original Tree

    There is no skeleton in Uncle Joe’s closet. It’s a raw cadaver

    The US and Ukraine have a cooperation agreement treaty to fight political corruption and the Investigation in to Hunter Biden was reopened 6 months ago back in April. The Fake Whistle Blower Complaint (Written by Adam Schiff) is nothing but a smoke screen. The Investigation in to Burisma...
  5. Marion Morrison

    Nothing about corruption in the DOJ and FBI?

    Seriously? Never you mind that people are about to be impeached and stuff. No mention on this site of that? That's..interesting, to say the least. Rosenstein will not be there in 8 days. That is my prediction. Other corrupt government workers soon to follow.
  6. P@triot

    Washington is SO much worse than you realize

    Just the first 1:00 alone of the video is enough to make the founders role over in their grave. This is not how any government should function - much less ours. And to think that the left wants to give more money and power to this mess of corruption, greed, power struggles, and dirty deals...
  7. P@triot

    President Trump: draining the swamp

    This is just fantastic. President Trump continues to drain the swamp. It’s far worse than the American people realized. Getting rid of all of these miserable, unethical dirt-bags is what this nation has needed for a long time. The most corrupt administration in U.S. history - the Obama...
  8. The Original Tree

    Clinton is crooked as an Alaskan Summer Day is long!

    Clinton is crooked as an Alaskan Summer Day is long! She is about the cheatenest, lying bitch that ever lived. Her list of scandals is a mile long, but I can only cover her last few years of criminal and unethical, so enjoy the hard cold truth. No one has even touched the CNN...
  9. The Original Tree

    Was The Intentional Leaking That Manafort Was Mueller's Target a Signal?

    This is a good question... Was the intentional leaking that Manafort was Mueller's target a signal to Hillary Clinton and The Podesta Group to fire up the paper shredders, and bleach bit, destroy any evidence they had, and manufacture evidence to hide their guilt and their collusion with...
  10. The Original Tree


    The Trump Campaign Team was ILLEGALLY WIRETAPPED by Obama Bin Spying and so was Trump Tower for 18 months before and after the election based on a FAKE DOSSIER paid for, Funded By The Democrat Party & The Clinton Campaign which was funneled to The FBI through Russian, Ukrainian and British Spies...
  11. The Original Tree

    President Trump's Biggest Mistake!

    His biggest mistake to date was one he made immediately. When he decided to be a gentleman and let Hillary Clinton fade in to history, it was a huge miscalculation, and an understandable one. The Clintons at one time had a friendly relationship with President Trump. And I assume that as...
  12. The Original Tree

    James "The Sweeper" Comey: FBI & DOJ Handed Out Deals Like Candy At Halloween

    Nah, this doesn't smell like a cover up at all. Especially when you add in the fact Comey did nothing about Lynch's unethical, clandestine meeting with Clinton while he was under investigation, and the fact he completely rolled over when he was told not to call her Criminal Investigation an...
  13. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Another corrupt Democrat going down for fraud/corruption: Former DA Rufus Seth Williams

    Businessman pleads guilty to bribing Philadelphia D.A (Reuters) - A Pennsylvania businessman charged with bribing Philadelphia's District Attorney Rufus Seth Williams in exchange for special treatment pleaded guilty to federal bribery and tax evasion charges on Thursday. Prosecutors say...

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