1. Slade3200

    Does Cruz have mental issues?

    The fall of Ted Cruz was an amazing thing to watch. I've never met the guy so I won't label him, however, he acted in a way similar to many people that I personally know when they hit crisis. In my personal experience, I know people, a few are very close friends of mine, that are great people...
  2. Peony

    Trump's Rules

    Ted Cruz is done. He put up a pretty good fight for the GOP presidential nomination. Yesterday, before the vote, he said with solemn dignity, that it was up to the Indiana voters now. Then, casting aside good manners, Cruz let loose a rant about Trump. Ted Cruz's entire Donald Trump rant -...
  3. Slade3200

    Cruz doesn't have the backbone to be prez

    So Trump makes a joke about a National Enquirer story claiming that Ted Cruz's dad was friends with JFK's assassin... Ted Cruz responds by go on a 10 minute rant clearly frustrated and shaken and proceeds to call Trump every name in the book. This is the man claiming to be the one to unite the...
  4. S

    Interesting Article...

    Ran across this article published in The Odyssey. I'm curious as to what y'alls thoughts are on it.
  5. Slade3200

    Does Cruz have a foot in his mouth?

    After all the talk and calls for Kasich to drop out because he has no mathematical chance of winning the majority of delegates, how does Cruz move forward without being a total hypocrite now that he can't win a majority either?
  6. woz75

    Trump Voters in WI See Their Votes Changed to Cruz

    Report: Trump Supporters in Wisconsin See Votes Switched to Cruz - United Media Publishing I have a friend in WI that said her vote was fine but saw others complaining about their votes getting switched - the worlds biggest super power and we can't figure out how to hold fair elections? Was...
  7. cereal_killer

    Ted Cruz's private numbers show up on DC Madams call logs #CruzSexScandal

    This has just broke in the past hour or so. Let me preface this post by saying that I am by no means saying this breaking "news" is accurate or true, but it just very well may be the real deal. The story leading up to these events is accurate however (see below). I'll give a brief overview of...
  8. J

    Ted Cruz may not be the constitutional conservative he claims to be

    It is disappointing to see one of our self-anointed "constitutional conservatives", meaning Ted Cruz, is found to fall far short of constitutional conservatism when it comes to tax reform. Surely a "constitutional conservative" knows that proposing a flat tax on incomes would not close down the...
  9. Slade3200

    Twitter Wars

    How are the Republicans feeling about the twitter wars of your two front runners as they go after each others wives? Do these guys make you proud to be an Elephant? The Dems are running out of popcorn. Donald Trump threatens to 'spill the beans' on Ted Cruz's wife Heidi -
  10. Slade3200

    Voice of the idiots... I mean "people"

    Politicians like Ted Cruz, pride themselves on being uncompromising advocates for their people. But people are uninformed idiots! If a company was run on the policy viewpoints of the mailroom staff, it wouldn't be very prosperous. Though I think it very important that the voice of the people...
  11. Slade3200

    Dictator Cruz + Trump

    Ted Cruz + "I will not compromise" + "I will not make deals" = Dictator Trump + Twitter + Yuuuge = Dictator Enough said... Need more, check out this brilliant analysis of the sewer drain our politics are tumbling down...
  12. wrathbone

    Rubio and Cruz and a dirty little alliance

    Rubio drooling all over himself like a rabid baboon .....laughing...carrying on like a sophomoric fraternity spaz.....sweatin'.....making a point to shake hands, of all candidates, Ted Cruz - honey pig...insidious lizard lipped prick. Like their in some sort of elite officers club...
  13. J

    Rubio promises to allow millions of illegal entrants to stay and take jobs

    Seems that Trump and Cruz are the only two candidates who promise to rid ourselves of the millions upon millions of foreigners who have invaded our borders and are causing devastating social, financial and political consequences by their very presence in our country. Last night while on the...
  14. Compost

    Cruz Ad

    Hillary takes a hit. see it here HILARIOUS new ad from Ted Cruz spoofs classic ‘Office Space’ scene to MOCK Hillary Clinton! [UPDATED]
  15. Slade3200

    Pros/Cons of Presidential Candidates... Is Bloomberg the answer?

    Fact of the matter is... none of the top candidates show strong promise. Trump is great at firing people up and is by far the most entertaining candidate to listen to, however, he is so off the wall with his extreme ideas for immigration/national security and so reactionary with his defensive...
  16. TheProgressivePatriot

    Going Birther on Ted Cruz: I didn't want to do it

    When Trump started to attack Cruz for not being a natural born citizen and therefor ineligible to be president, my first reaction was -despite my loathing for the man and fear of a Cruz presidency- that it is a cheap shot. Of course he is a citizen, I said. His mother was an American Citizen...
  17. Compost

    The GOP is not Conservative

    In an interview Wednesday, Mr. Dole said that the party would suffer “cataclysmic” and “wholesale losses” if Mr. Cruz was the nominee, and that Donald J. Trump would fare better. “I question his allegiance to the party,” Mr. Dole said of Mr. Cruz. “I don’t know how often you’ve heard him say...

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