1. Bob Blaylock

    George Floyd Riots — Convenient Piles/Pallets of Bricks…

    Over the past day, I've come across two completely different reports of piles or pallets of bricks mysteriously appearing in locations that would be convenient for violent subhuman pieces of shit participating in the George Floyd riots. On both cases, it seems implied that the one making the...
  2. deanrd

    I'm betting Democrats won't try to impeach Trump beyond the House.

    Remember, Republicans impeached Bill Clinton in the House over lying about getting a BJ. Trump's crimes are actually serious. I suspect he might get impeached in the House, but not in the Senate. No matter how big a criminal Trump is or the crimes he has committed, Republicans will defend...
  3. JGalt

    FBI: Record High 8 Million Illegal Immigrants Tried to Buy Guns in 2018

    Liberals are rabid about gun-control, but this is one story you'll never hear on CNN or MSNBC. The poor "immigrants" are just buying the guns that Americans won’t. "They have already committed a criminal act by staying in the country illegally, yet a number of the illegal aliens attempted to...
  4. P@triot

    The unimaginable audacity

    It takes some serious “chutzpah” to engage in the criminal activity of breaking into a foreign nation and then demanding that the government of that foreign nation ignore your criminal transgressions and reward you with citizenship. Let’s hope that President Trump instructs the law enforcement...
  5. P@triot

    Unimaginable audacity

    I can't even begin to imagine the audacity it takes for criminals of other nations to come to another country and make demands. These people make me sick. What ungrateful, entitled, uncivilized animals. DACA protesters shut down Nancy Pelosi presser - here's why
  6. P@triot

    The left has achieved the world they were looking to achieve

    An upside down world where good is evil, evil is good, up is down, and black is white. In the progressive hell-hole of San Francisco, an illegal alien is being rewarded for breaking the law; while law enforcement is being punished for enforcing law. San Francisco to pay $190G to undocumented...
  7. P@triot

    Let’s not insult women by calling that shameful nonsense a “Women’s March”

    There were very few actual women there. Most of what you saw were unshowered, filthy, gross creatures filled with anger due to ignorance.... On Saturday, thousands of ladies in vagina hats descended upon DC to demand more dead babies. They demanded other things, too, like free birth control...
  8. P@triot


    If these dirt-bag criminals worked half as hard at changing their own miserable countries as they do illegally attempting to change our country, their countries wouldn't be miserable shit-holes necessary of escaping from... Immigrant rights activist likely to be deported herself after hiding...
  9. P@triot

    Homosexuals continues to engage in horrific crimes

    This is a chilling reality that continues to happen on a regular basis. These mentally disturbed individuals - who can't figure out or come to grips with their sexuality - continue to make false accusations of "hate crimes". Thank God these people are being caught as the disturbed liars that...
  10. American_Jihad

    Rent To Criminals -- Or Else

    Whats he do, toruch America on the way out so the deomrats can get more ilk to vote for them, can't wait till it bits there ass... Rent To Criminals -- Or Else Obama's threat to the nation's housing providers. April 7, 2016 Matthew Vadum Welcome murderers, rapists, and thieves as your...
  11. AveryJarhman

    Hate Crime - Three Alleged Emotionally Disturbed Violent Female African American Criminal Liars

    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Thursday, February 25, 2016, 3:26 PM "The three students — Alexis Briggs, from Huntington, Ariel Agudio, from Elmira Heights, and Asha Burwell, from Huntington Station — will be charged with third-degree assault, police said. Agudio and Burwell will also be charged...

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