climate change hoax

  1. The Original Tree

    The Biden Regime wants to Illegally Outlaw The American Sports Car and Muscle Car

    Have you taken a look at the prices of used and new vehicles in the United States, specifically Sports and Muscle cars? Holy Inflation Batman! This is not being driven by so called supply chain issues, but is being driven by panic buying due to illegal mandates coming out of the illegitimate...
  2. American_Jihad

    Trump’s USDA Drops Climate Change Paranoia to Focus on Farming

    That's it get off that climate crap and let's get to work... Trump’s USDA Drops Climate Change Paranoia to Focus on Farming What a concept! 8.10.2017 News Trey Sanchez It looks like some federal agencies are finally getting back to the tasks they were assigned in the first place in...
  3. P@triot

    The definitive guide to the "Global Warming" scam

    The data is overwhelming. The history is indisputable. The lies have all been captured. A study in the journal Nature Climate Change reviewed 117 climate predictions and found that 97.4% never materialized. Biologist Paul Ehrlich predicted in the 1970s that: “Population will inevitably and...
  4. P@triot

    Anti-Trump actor fights global warming, but won’t give up 14 homes and private jet

    These people are unfuckingbelievable. While advocating for "green" policies and criticizing anyone who doesn't strictly adhere to the "green" doctrine - Johnny Depp is living a life of luxury without the slightest consideration towards planet earth. 14 homes? Why does one man need 14 homes...
  5. P@triot

    This is how much the left cares about the environment

    As long as Leonardo DeCaprio is making millions - it's ok for a movie he's working on to completely obliterate an ecosystem. There is no "Global Warming" threat. If there were, Al Gore wouldn't own 5 homes and skip around the planet in a private jet. If there were, Leonardo DeCaprio wouldn't...
  6. P@triot

    The left continues to deny basic science

    The left's entire narrative is completely falling apart with each passing day... Alarmists say global warming to blame for ‘record’ tick population — but there’s one massive problem
  7. P@triot

    And the TRUTH shall set you FREE...

    The percentage of Americans who perceive "Global Warming" as a serious threat is at its lowest point since 1998. And that is despite progressives best efforts to increase propaganda, outlaw the truth, and and legislate the "Global Warming" farce into "reality". But the truth always comes out in...
  8. washamericom

    Trump thinks climate change is a scam

    thank god, that's a big thing, with everything else going on. i wasn't sure till just now i heard him say it. climate change is a joke and a scam. and the way the libs railroaded it is proof.
  9. P@triot

    From the "Careful What You Wish For" Files

    So liberals Attorney Generals were attempting to abuse their power and force everyone to accept the Obama Administration lies. Unfortunately for them, that has backfired in a major way as reasonable and rational representatives are now demanding that those AG's disclose their ties to...
  10. washamericom

    hope and climate change we can believe in

    i'm sitting here watching the corporation for public broadcasting, a little girl is explaining that the snow leopard is endangered because of poaching and climate change. i'm pretty much at war with the idea/concept of taxpayer funded liberal public tv, about a half a billion $ as i recall...
  11. washamericom

    global warming: "if what we think we can understand is correct"

    i just heard a JPL scientist say we are able to study and see "if what we think we can understand is correct" and that will help develop models for the future. Home Page - Deep Space Network and this is fine, i am really glad they are studying and playing with computer models. i don't want this...
  12. Compost

    Keystone Alternative = Higher Greenhouse Gas

    Obama Nixes Keystone to Fight Climate Change, But Gov't Report Shows Alternative Will Increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions Choo choos make more pollution than a pipeline, this is according to a State Department report. Still obama struck down the Keystone Pipeline.

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