1. The Original Tree

    GOP Georgia Recount Observers are being kept 50 feet away from viewing the recount.

    If The Left can find a way to cheat they will. Should there be a law suit over this? Also, they are not verifying signatures or date stamps. Reported with Video on American Agenda & Newsmax. Republican Inspectors are not being allowed to inspect the ballots...
  2. R

    Pray About Possible Cheating

    If you believe that the democrats cheated to elect Joe Biden, you should pray. If his victory was unfair, God is the only one who can help us now. If you have any doubts about Biden winning, please pray. I'm not sure that the democrats did cheat but if they did, it was pretty underhanded. I'm...
  3. TheProgressivePatriot

    Trump Supporters Dating Site: Married People OK, Gays Go Away

    Yes folks it's true. The hypocrisy is unending. Created to cater to supporters of God Own Party and the serial cheater and pussy grabber in chief, are suborning...... well, Cheating in marriage This is the party that claims it believes in high moral standards and family values. What a laugh...
  4. C

    3RD Party Votes

    I heard something on the radio a few days ago that pissed me off. They are going to give Hillary the 3RD Party votes to push her over the top. That is not fair and it is immoral. This has been the most underhanded election that I've ever seen. This election has been like a circus. They'll do...
  5. Gracie

    So...what did Hillary teach little girls?

    That cheating is ok as long as you ask the cheater to join you so you both can cheat someone else? That if you are a girl, it's automatically your turn even if you are incompetent? Got any other pearls of wisdom to add to this thread?

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