1. Cellblock2429

    MSM SILENT: Ben Carson Finds $500 BILLION in Fraud-Mismanagement in HUD Audit

    HUD Director Dr. Ben Carson found a big economic pitfall by the Obama administration. The mainstream media has neglected to report on a BIG find by Dr. Ben Carson. The Trump cabinet is a winning cabinet. Dr. Carson dug into the agencies records in a sweeping audit wherein he found substantial...
  2. J

    No, Mr. Carson, the American People have not taken the moral low road on immigration!

    Ben Carson indicates in his book that a pathway to citizenship for those who have invaded our borders is the “moral” thing to do. He wrote: "Is it moral for us, for example, to take advantage of cheap labor from illegal immigrants while denying them citizenship? I'm sure you can tell from the...
  3. midcan5

    CDZ America? Where are you going?

    I'm often amazed at how often some posters post. Life is so interesting and there is so much to do I find myself busy all the time. Work, family and whatnot keep me busy but I thought the thoughts expressed below worth sharing. Where are we going when Trump, Carson, Fiorina are the best we can...
  4. J

    Ben Carson will legalize tens of millions who have invaded our borders!

    See: Ben Carson: Give Illegals Six Months to Register as Guest Workers September 14, 2015 ”( - GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson told CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday that his immigration plan would include giving illegal immigrants six months to register as guest workers...
  5. J

    Ben Carson on education: Let the fox control the henhouse!

    It amazes me that Ben Carson, who is identified as a “conservative” and indicates he embraces our Constitution said he thinks “. . . the Department of Education should monitor institutions of higher education for political bias and withhold federal funding if it exists…” Under Carson’s...
  6. Weatherman2020

    Penn U Professor: Carson a Coon

    Obama, Sharpton, BLM and all the usual suspects to demand resignation in 5...4....3..... University of Pennsylvania Professor Anthea Butler called Presidential Candidate Ben Carson a “coon” for claiming that people have the right to display Confederate flags on private property. “If only...
  7. J

    Ben Carson on illegal immigration!

    See: Ben Carson supports citizenship for illegal aliens September 5, 2015 ”On Wednesday, Dr. Ben Carson said America’s borders must be sealed to protect against terrorism and told a prominent group of Latino elected officials that he also supports giving illegal immigrants a path to...
  8. J

    Ben Carson, our soft spoken progressive RINO

    Ben Carson tells us we need to support “compassion action”, formally referred to a “compassionate conservativism” which really indicates Mr. Carson wants to use the federal government’s taxing and spending power to help various groups achieve the American Dream. This thinking of course is in...

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