1. TheHardTruth

    Defund the Police? How about Defund Professional Sports?

    Hey “Professional athletes”….Shut up and do your job. Your job, for which you are paid VERY WELL, no, let me rephrase that….for which you are OVER PAID, is to play the sport you were hired to play. Yes, that’s right, you were HIRED to play a sport. Not to protest societal issues. You are paid by...
  2. Robert Urbanek

    Boycott the Trump economy?

    Many voters are reportedly indifferent to the impeachment process and other grievances against Trump and will make their 2020 voting decisions on their personal welfare: I’m doing ok and will vote for Trump because the economy is doing ok. Should liberals sabotage the economy to make that less...
  3. Street Juice

    More evidence of Russian meddling: House passes anti-BDS bill 398-17

    The full power of Russia's influence in Congress was on display today when the House of Representatives voted 398-17 to oppose the global boycott of Israel for its ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Even though the US Supreme Court has found boycott to be a legitimate form of political speech and...
  4. deanrd

    Will Georgia throw away 92,000 jobs and $9 billion just to take away women’s rights?

    Hollywood actors, producers boycott Georgia over anti-abortion bill, but studio bigwigs lag behind Georgia was home to 17 of the year’s 100 highest-performing U.S. feature films, coming in first place and besting California. “Our comparative assessments of locations for upcoming development...
  5. georgephillip

    Democrat Hopefuls Reject AIPAC

    So far not a single Democratic POTUS candidate has committed to speaking at this year's American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference, a long-overdue position that has been hastened along by Trump's Middle East "Peace Plan." Democratic Hopefuls Reject AIPAC "The progressive advocacy...
  6. HaShev

    Jack Ma going back on his word?

    After today's politicalized comments by Jack Ma threatening to not bring jobs to the U.S.(who was probably doing so for President Xi when the Chinese President today reconsidered their car tariff, which would have hurt Ma on the other end ), I decided to remove all Alibaba bookmarks and saved...
  7. Cellblock2429

    Latest Lib boycott FAILS: Ivanka Trump Perfume Soars to No.1 Bestseller on AMAZON Despite Boycotts..

    Libs keep opening the kitchen door into their face. Too funny. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Ivanka Trump’s signature perfume is a best seller on retail giant Amazon. Ivanka Trump Eau de Parfum Spray For Women ($34 for a 3.4-ounce bottle) was No. 1 on Amazon’s list of bestselling fragrances and perfume for...
  8. Slade3200

    Trump boycotting Thursday debate

    Trump as been holding out on committing to attend Thursdays Fox debate because he didn't think Megyn Kelly would treat him fairly. He has been making multiple statements and tweets asking his followers if he should attend... alas Roger Ailes, Fox owner, released the following statement earlier...

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