1. protectionist

    RIP Don Larsen - Greatest Single Game WS Pitcher Ever

    A legend of Major League Baseball has just passed away, at the age of 90. The greatest single game pitcher of a World Series game, Don Larsen, in 1956, against the Brooklyn Dodgers, pitched the only PERFECT GAME in WS history. The accomplishment was so awesome, that after the last pitch, the...
  2. chops_

    World Series Predictions

    This is NOT a betting prediction. This is just for fun to see who will make it to the 2018 World Series. I have the Boston Red Sox going all the way. Boston Red Sox vs Los Angeles Dodgers. Boston 4 games to 3. Goooo Soxxxx!
  3. Ridgerunner

    Baseball-God- Guns

    All on a Sunday afternoon... :113: Wish I would have thought of this 30 years ago when my son was involved in Little League/Youth Baseball... With each passing year it was more difficult to field enough boys and girls to put together a competitive league... Soccer, parents were pushing their...
  4. Compost

    Extra Innings

    Major League Baseball plans on testing a rule change in the lowest levels of the minor leagues this season that automatically would place a runner on second base at the start of extra innings, a distinct break from the game’s orthodoxy that nonetheless has wide-ranging support at the highest...
  5. Compost

    Baseball Out of Control

    This was inevitable. A game lost because someone got too "rough" playing the game. Will baseball become like football- all flags and delays, and don't touch? Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons sounded off on Tuesday after a controversial new rule in baseball may have cost his team a win...
  6. W

    Legendary Yankee Yogi Berra passes on

    It's finally over Yogi, thanks for the humor, fun and great baseball... Baseball legend Yogi Berra dies aged 90: MLB Wed Sep 23, 2015 Yogi Berra, a Hall of Fame catcher for the New York Yankees and one of baseball's most well-known players, has died, Major League Baseball said on Tuesday. He...

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