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    Democrats stupidity.

    Democratic leaders' stupidity. Refer to the link: Leader of Oath Keepers and 10 Other Individuals Indicted in Federal Court for Seditious Conspiracy and Other Offenses related to U.S. Capitol Breach | USAO-DC | Department of Justice It's been more than 18 months since the seditious January 6th...
  2. georgephillip

    If Dems Win in 2020: Hillary for Attorney General

    If Trump fails to win a second term, he will face prosecution on state and federal charges. Can you hear it yet..."Lock him up, Lock him up." And at least on of the useless eaters will die in prison. Statute of Limitations, DOJ May Prevent Trump Ever Being Charged
  3. deanrd

    Is there a thread about William Barr today's ongoing session in front of the Senate? Then this is it

    If one exists, I couldn't find it. They are coming back from break shortley. To me, the most Hilarious line was when Chuck Grassley asked William Barr if the Steele Dossier was a Russian "plant".
  4. deanrd

    Treasurer accused of stealing $410,000 from charity for families of slain NYPD officers

    Treasurer accused of stealing $410,000 from charity for families of fallen NYPD officers, prosecutors say Treasurer accused of stealing $410,000 from charity for families of slain NYPD officers The treasurer of a charity that benefits the families of New York Police Department officers who are...
  5. deanrd

    Will former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker end up in prison?

    Will former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker end up in prison? There’s been reports, even posted right here on the USMB that Whitaker may have lied to Congress when he said he never discussed the Russia case with Donald Trump. And Whitaker is under investigation for fleecing clients...
  6. deanrd

    Three Democrats in Virginia and their different scandals.

    Three Democrats in Virginia and their different scandals. The governor has pictures that were dug up from when he was in medical school showing him either in black face or dressed as a KKK. He should go. He won’t even admit that he’s in the pictures after he already admitted he was in the...
  7. deanrd

    Oh Goody! Another criminal investigation opens up against Trump. This time in New Jersey!

    New Jersey AG has obtained evidence of possible crimes at Trump's golf club — and Mueller, FBI are involved in probe A White House spokeswoman did not respond to emailed questions. Morales, a Guatemalan national who is still employed at the club but has stopped going to work, and Diaz, a Costa...
  8. deanrd

    Is evidence of Trump's criminality being exposed a "sure thing"?

    A lot has been said about Trump being involved in criminal behavior. He has already been exposed as an unindicted co conspirator in multiple felonies. Republicans have done everything they could to protect Trump. And yet, under Republicans, who control the entire government, people all...
  9. deanrd

    Acting AG Matt Whitaker caught lying about his college. Don't these people know they will be vetted?

    Acting AG incorrectly claimed 'Academic All-American' honors on resume: report Whitaker claimed the Academic All-American status in his biography on the website of the law firm where he used to work, as well as on a résumé he sent in 2014 to a patent-marketing firm, according to the newspaper...
  10. deanrd

    Trump's new Attorney General revises his financial forms again and again and again and again and....

    Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matt Whitaker Repeatedly Revised Financial Disclosure Forms Following AG Appointment Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has revised his ethics disclosure forms at least five times since President Donald Trump appointed him after former Attorney General Jeff...
  11. deanrd

    Just discovered, Trump's New Acting Attorney General is a SCAM ARTIST and a CON!

    Trump's Acting Attorney General Was Part of Miami-Based Invention Scam Company Whitaker is a former U.S. attorney in Iowa, but he was also involved in a Miami-based invention-marketing company the Federal Trade Commission shut down last year after calling it a scam. Whitaker not only sat on...
  12. D

    Trump Jeff Sessions is de man!

    Here is a guy we Trump voters can get behind. He will bend the rules as needed to prevent minorities from voting. He is a man of truth and believes the Bible should be the one book we all adhere to, not the Koran! Putting him in as attorney general is a great first step to making America great...
  13. P@triot

    AG Loretta Lynch pleads the 5th about money to Iran

    As usual, we have serious corruption in the Obama Administration. And as usual, progressives on this board were either liars or were ignorant of the facts. Either way, once again it turns out that conservatives were spot on and telling the truth. Nothing to Hide? AG Loretta Lynch 'Pleads Fifth'...

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