1. toobfreak

    Solar System Late June

    An astro-imaging student of mine posted some of his latest work of the midnight to early morning targets of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars to my private astronomy group. I've been coaching him for about ten years or so and he is now pretty thick with a few folks at NASA and has done some still image...
  2. Robert Urbanek

    More light pollution from internet satellites

    Companies are planning to launch tens of thousands of internet satellites into low-Earth orbit, which will create a “mega-constellation” of reflective objects that will ruin life for many astronomers using sophisticated telescopes. it is estimated that the trails of the constellation satellites...
  3. L

    Prehistoric Cave Contains ... FIRST REAL telescope headlines in decades

    Prehistoric Cave Contains ... FIRST REAL telescope and discovery headlines in decades Telescopes in Day 1 and at the End of the Age: Dark side of the moon "by far" not the only "coincidence" Last Prophet is AGAIN revealing the TRUE STORY about the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON where two of the...

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