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  1. deanrd

    Was D-Day the height of German American relationships?

    Was D-Day the height of German American relationships? Heather Nauert cited D-Day as the height of U.S.-German relations. Now she’s headed to the U.N. The United Nations came into existence to vanquish Germany, as 26 nations jointly pledged in 1942 not to surrender to “savage and brutal forces...
  2. S

    Ambassador Nikki Haley SHUTS United Nation Up with her amazing speech "There VOTE are IRRELEVANT"

  3. Cellblock2429

    Breaking News Hey Libs, this is how it’s done.

    UN Ambassador Nikki Haley evacuated from South Sudan camp after protest violence breaks out This is how we protect our Ambassadors, not letting them get killed and blaming a video.
  4. Denechek

    Russia: Saints or Sinners?

    Reading the accounts in the media of the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, the media is taking two diametrically opposed positions at the same time: 1) While it is said the gunman was retaliating for war crimes committed by Russia in Aleppo, the media refuses to accept...

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