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  1. HaShev

    Senate questions that must be asked of Adam Schiff

    Besides the Capt Obvious questions about leading the witnesses and the informant testimony in general, the Senators if they get the chance need to ask Adam Schiff the following questions: ONE OF YOUR POLITICAL DONORS is the founder CEO of Worldwide Aeros Corp. Worldwide Aeros Corp is an...
  2. Nostra

    Official Impeachment Thread 2.0: House Judiciary Committee Hearings

    Put a fork in impeachment, it's done. Read: Jonathan Turley impeachment inquiry testimony
  3. Robert Urbanek

    Adam Schiff is a Komodo dragon

    Rep. Adam Schiff, leading the impeachment inquiry, is the Komodo dragon and Trump is the water buffalo. Schiff is slow and methodical and has a weak bite. He can only nip at Trump’s heels but that is enough. The poisonous bite will never heal. The infected Trump will make increasingly feverish...
  4. Billy_Kinetta

    It's Looking More And More As If -whistleblower

    - there is no actual whistleblower. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said Sunday it may not be necessary to have the whistleblower who first filed a complaint about President Donald Trump’s call with Ukraine testify before Congress, saying there...
  5. The Original Tree

    What happened to Adam Shifty Schiff?

    Why isn't this fool being Investigated by The FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, and The Ethics Committee for 1.) Releasing Classified Information and 2.) Obstructing Justice by with holding the "concrete" evidence he has of "Russian Collusion?" 2nd Question is, Why is Jerky Jerry Nadler aka "FATBOY" on a...
  6. RodISHI

    Congressman Adam Schiff wrote Mark Zuckerberg

    Is it legal and ethical for a congress critter to threaten a so called private company? There is a lot of lies in Shitf's letter to Zuckerberg. Even the courts admitted vaccines are unavoidably not safe. If this asshat was so worried about misinformation and propaganda shouldn't he go after...
  7. deanrd

    Why Donald Trump is literally terrified of Adam Schiff.

    Why Donald Trump is literally terrified of Adam Schiff. Adam Schiff was in intelligence and he was also a prosecutor and he’s been around for a while. He knows how many hundreds of subpoenas Republicans threw at Clinton, Carter and Obama. Adam Schiff knows criminals. Adam Schiff also...
  8. HaShev

    Adam Schiff is unfit to serve office per Dems/CNN/MSNBC standards

    Adam Schiff once again proved he's either pathological or bat guano crazy in Russia conspiracy syndrome. HE as well as others like Chuck Schumer have stated that firing Rosenstein would interfere/obstruct the Russian Collusion Mueller investigation-WHAAAAT? That claim is way way past it's...
  9. HaShev

    Adam Schiff

    Adam Schiff over the memo doing his best Latka Gravas impersonation.
  10. HaShev

    Schumer inadvertantly admitted he, Adam Schiff & other Dems obstructed justice

    By claiming we don't need this Fisa memo released & investigation into Dems collusion & coup andclaiming such "A Distraction", he inadvertantly admits the Russia charade was just that, a diversion distraction from spotlighting Dems and some agents conspiring and obstructing justice. Adam...
  11. HaShev

    Adam Schiff's diabolical grin broke from his poker face to reveal his RESIST hand.

    Ranking House Intelligence Committee member Democrat Adam Schiff called Sunday for a review of Kushner's White House security clearance even though he is supposed to be non partisan & subject innocent till proven guilty, in which case Schiff also knows there was no crime committed for him to...
  12. P@triot

    The Trussia witch hunt turns on the Democrats

    The left's desperate attempt to get President Trump out of office due to their inability to accept defeat in the election has resulted in them resorting to some pretty desperate tactics - one of which has caused a watchdog group to file a complaint with the ethics committee... Adam Schiff gets...

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