Adam Schiff is unfit to serve office per Dems/CNN/MSNBC standards


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Jun 19, 2009
Adam Schiff once again proved he's either pathological or bat guano crazy in Russia conspiracy syndrome.
HE as well as others like Chuck Schumer have stated that firing Rosenstein would interfere/obstruct the Russian Collusion Mueller investigation-WHAAAAT? That claim is way way past it's usage as a tactic now that we know the investigation was a sham that should have never been, and Rosenstein himself was in the center of that sham. IT'S WAY WAY PAST THE ADMISSION THAT THERE WAS NO COLLUSION FOUND, furthermore it was being wraped up and is deemed over already-the reason it's seemingly dragging is for mid term election advantages only and hoping mid term elections will change the majority in the house and thus allow the crimes & abuse of power by the left to be swept under the rug. According to previous declarations by Schumer, CNN, MSNBC, Other Dems= Schiff's pathological lying, his refusal of mandatory recusal from investigative committee due to his bias & leaking, tin foil hat conspiratorial insinuations and refusal to conclude he was wrong, shows he is unfit to serve in the house of Representatives and should be asked to step down or be impeached from his house Seat. HEY CA. time to elect someone who is not a nut, (according to CNN and MSNBC and Rosenstein himself=if you're unfit you must quit)
Now Cummings throws his tin foil hat in the ring, by using the words "Plunge us".....
What, like his career?

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