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JW Frogen
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  • In Australia underwear can be worn as Sunday best and is pretty much common practice , you will need a new campaign manager JW.
    OH, I know you are a lady Rainlover, that is not where I was going, it is hot here and I am a freedom loving man.

    I walk around my back yard naked all the time and lay in the drive way in my underwear.

    In Australia this may get me elected Prime Minister.
    I am really a woman, I cannot believe you said that.

    Why are you not wearing pants would be the obvious but most foolish question to ask ?
    Well then, I guess I will have to start wearing pants again.

    Just to keep the lady in anticipation of glory.
    I have been at the bottom of a bottle looking up.

    You have a sexy avatar, if you really are woman I am in love.

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    PM RadiomanATL with your zipcode and he'll put you on the map

    JW, either morally or physically, we all struggle a bit, so you are part of the wider human race. It's ok.

    I think the system works this way, when we run out of rep we are I right ?

    *feels nervous*
    The only rep that really matters in this life is when you look in the mirror.

    Some times I am low on that too.
    Frogen are you very low on rep, or is it i just don't understand the whole rep thing?

    I will rep you when I can, even if you don't deserve it, can't have you run out of demerits now can we, you might lose your license.
    Eight tentacles hmmm flordorable, so any advice regarding octopusses who spaz out in restaurants and strike fear into the heart of waiters, I hear he is a bad man..
    Beautiful women and booze are two of my favorite weaknesses but my understanding is Sampson is an eight tentacle kind of guy.
    Frogen, can you tell Samson I'm not scary, he won't talk to me, put in a word?
    I am a beautiful woman in actual fact who likes booze.
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