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  • Philisophical Physicist, Lesbian Father, Teacher of Perversions, Abominable Salami
    I've lived in Boulder a good while back. It's a great place. Houston is humid as hell. I posted that IBM job as well. Supposed to be in Boulder. Good Luck. Thanks for the rep.
    Hey ! Thanks for the rep! Hope all is well with you for 2014. Glad you finally showed your face for this game. Don't know how much football you have seen this year or last but the Hawks haven't lost a game by more than one score in both seasons... so a bow out is very unlikely. On the other..other hand if Manning gets antsy and forces a couple of picks TOP and number of possessions could suck the oxygen out of Denvers game. The Seahawks have done that several times this and last seasons. It will be a great matchup whatever the outcome. Like I said ...nice to see you are paying attention..which is more than I can say when you left Fisherman's Terminal in the Mustang...:lol:
    Samson!!! This is Granny!! I forgot which message board I was using and haven't been able to find a damned soul. Finally saw "US Messageboard" in my little secret book of passwords and voila! here you are! What's been going on with you? I've done nothing but get a nice little part-time job and continue to advance another day closer to age 70 ... which is a lot better than not advancing at all.
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