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  1. Bullypulpit

    O'Reily punks Alan Grayson

    New study finds 45,000 deaths annually linked to lack of health coverage It's not a "claim" Immie...It's a fact supported by the Harvard study cited above. Get over it.
  2. Bullypulpit

    O'Reily punks Alan Grayson

    <center><a href=>New study finds 45,000 deaths annually linked to lack of health coverage </a></center> It's not a "claim" Immie...It's a fact supported by the...
  3. Bullypulpit

    O'Reily punks Alan Grayson

    Just two words for Billo the Clown..."Luffa much?" :lol:
  4. Bullypulpit

    What's the plan for Rational Republicans?

    "Rational Republicans"...An oxymoron. No such creature currently exists. The last one died when William F. Buckley Jr. died.
  5. Bullypulpit

    Obama Derangement Syndrome

  6. Bullypulpit

    Obama Derangement Syndrome

    Back in the dark days of George W. Bush's first administration right wing pundit, Charles Krauthammer coined the term "Bush Derangement Syndrome". He defined it as, "...the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency — nay — the very existence...
  7. Bullypulpit

    5 Myths About Global Health Care

    They're not rumors...they're outright lies. It's all they have in their rhetorical arsenal.
  8. Bullypulpit

    The Ugly Truth of Obamacare

    The Republican's who are screaming bloody murder about end of life counseling...the falsely labeled "death panels"...are the very same ones who voted for such counseling in the Medicare reform act during the late, unlamented Bush administration. It is a real tribute to the strength of the 1st...
  9. Bullypulpit

    Bachmann blocks resolution declaring Hawaii to be Obama's birthplace

    Bachman is bat-shit crazy anyways. Why anyone pays attention to anything she says is beyond me entirely.
  10. Bullypulpit

    sotomayor unimpressive

    Only six of her cases were reviewed by the SCOTUS...of those 4 were overturned...60%. Judge Alito had 2 cases reviewed by the SCOTUS and both were overturned, thus 100% of his cases before the high court were overturned. According to the arguments made by the right wing-nut punditocracy, that...
  11. Bullypulpit

    Your Ideal Government / Political Philosophy?

    Ever read Robert Heinlein's "Starship Trooper"? Only those who have served in the military or otherwise volunteered to serve their in the Peace Corps, something like the old Civilian Conservation Corps, the public health system, etc have the franchise. Only those who have put...
  12. Bullypulpit

    Is it too easy to amend California's Constitution?

    The issue of voter referendums makes it too easy to change state constitutions and laws wherever they are used. It short circuits the system established under a constitutional republic. Especially where the electorate votes for all these wonderful government services and then won't raise the...
  13. Bullypulpit

    domestic terrorists: a real threat from all sides of the political spectrum

    Ummm...Gunny, a couple of things...Firstly the report didn't single out former military as anything more than a target for recruitment by right wing-nuts. Secondly, the report was commissioned and completed under the BUSH ADMINISTRATION.
  14. Bullypulpit

    Shooting at the DC Holocaust Museum

    Hasn't been just one attack...There was the guy who killed 3 police officers in Philadelphia back in March, more recently, the assassination of Dr George Tiller. The assassination of Tiller and this attack were obvious acts of domestic terrorism.
  15. Bullypulpit

    Shooting at the DC Holocaust Museum

    There's no need to "make" a connection. Both acts were motivated by religious and political beliefs in an attempt to engender fear into the general populace as well as those who make use of the facilites, either the Holocaust Museum or abortion clinics. The attacks are, by any definition...

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