Young drivers 'video game mentality'

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    YOUNG people have a "video game" mentality when it comes to driving, a survey of young drivers has found.

    The national survey of 300 high school students, conducted by Queensland-based driver education company Safe Drive Training, recorded students' knowledge and attitudes to driving.

    It found that most young drivers believe high-powered V8 or turbo-charged cars were acceptable for P-platers and that better reflexes can make up for inexperience.

    Safe Drive Training managing director Joel Nielsen said the survey's results reflected the video game mentality of young drivers coming on to the road for the first time.

    "It is only when the students are shown the consequences of what a car can do in real life and are taught the physics behind stopping, steering and accelerating a vehicle that they realise the real world is very different from what they have experienced playing video games," Mr Nielsen said.

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