You are the Government's Financiers

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    Imagine for a moment that you are a banker or investor. You are in your mahogany paneled office overlooking Central Park when in walks one of the people you've backed in the past, he runs the biggest operation you ever invested in.

    He says, "I want to start a new line of business. It's just like this other line you backed me in 40 years ago except we'll serve a slightly different customer base."

    You take a look at the report on the business "hmmmkay, is this the business that has a projected multitrillion deficit and will go broke in a few years"

    He says, "Bingo! that's the one!"

    You say, "So what's the plan?"

    He says, "Well, the older business loses $50 Billion annually in fraud and waste, so we'll take those savings and use that to fund the new operation! Ain't I smart?!"

    You say, "First, if you know that there's $50B of fraud and waste annually why are you sitting here telling me about some new line of business when you should be out there cutting those costs! Second, if you ran the first business so poorly, what makes you think I would back you in a second similar venture?"

    He say, "Hope. Change. Yes We can."

    You say, "You're. Fired. Security, escort this guy out while I call my lawyer to look into this fraud and waste"

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