Y2Kyoto: California Leftards at It Again

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    The California legislature just passed Assembly Bill 100 (AB100), which according to the inset calls for “100% clean energy by 2045”. The brief review presented in this post shows that AB100, which targets electricity, not energy, will cut California’s greenhouse gas emissions by only about 16% even in the unlikely event its target is met. Its main impact will be to add to the regulatory overload from which California’s electricity providers already suffer. The fact that the bill was passed at all indicates that California legislators, as well as being unable to tell the difference between megawatts and megawatt-hours, are also unable to tell the difference between electricity and energy.

    Assembly Bill 100 and a 100% renewable California

    Quadruple the electricity costs for the poor, that’ll help them.

    Reminder: $50K salary in several California cities puts you below the poverty line.

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