With Sunnites in election, Kurd-US alliance nearing an end?

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    WASHINGTON - Congress has begun to express concern over the U.S. alliance with the Kurdish community in Iraq.

    Leading members of Congress said the U.S. alliance with the Iraqi Kurds has advanced their goal of a separate state next to Turkey. They said the Kurds were seeking to gain control over the vast crude oil reserves around the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk in an effort to guarantee revenues for any future state. [See story in Middle East Energy section.]

    Some in Congress envision a scenario in which Turkey's large Kurdish minority would seek to join any Iraqi Kurdish state. Turkey has been a major NATO ally, and House and Senate leaders have sought to renew the close U.S. ties with Ankara disrupted by the war in Iraq .

    "If they [Kurds] had the oil from Kirkuk, for example, this might be enticing once again to those in Turkey who wish to join with them, or those in Iran or anywhere else who want to become a greater Kurdistan," Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Richard Lugar said.


    ANKARA - Turkish Daily News

    A U.S. Republican senator who supported the invasion of Iraq has warned the Bush administration that the disintegration of Iraq would lead to regional chaos while strongly noting that Turkey would never accept the presence of an independent Kurdish state in northern Iraq, the Anatolia news agency reported.

    �Imagine that Iraq is split into three. Shiites and Sunnis have been living together in Baghdad. They are not separated from each other geographically. Furthermore, Turks will never accept Kurds having an independent state of their own. Iraq being split into three can only be a formula for chaos,� Senator John McCain of Arizona was quoted as saying by Anatolia as he was speaking on NBC's �Meet the Press� program over the weekend.

    McCain, who challenged President George W. Bush for the Republican nomination in 2000, is said to be considering running for the White House again in 2008.

    Last month he called on the Bush administration to make broad changes in its strategy to fight the insurgency and increase troop deployments in Iraq while also criticizing the administration for not seeking more international support for the U.S. military effort in Iraq from allies such as Turkey.

    During an interview with CBS, the Democrats' former presidential candidate, Senator John Kerry, called on Bush to hold a regional summit on Iraq following the Dec. 15 parliamentary elections. He said Turkey should also be invited to that summit.

    �In the coming days in Iraq, if Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds can be brought together; regional countries, Turkey and Russia, should come together following the elections and a political agreement should be reinforced. If you do this, then you take the arms out of insurgents' hands,� he was quoted as saying by Anatolia.


    Then I want to deliver my opinion to this subject:

    John Kerry said in the US-TV: "after the choices Iraq-conference under inclusion of Russia and Turkey"

    The republican John McCain warns against a Kurdish state that the region would fall in chaos.

    The USA has a Terroristproblem in IRAQ. Some of this Terrorists are pooling from boycotting Sunnites, some are foreign Al-Qaeda. And through the absence of the Sunnites at the democratization process, this rebellious-problem became constant, quite larger.
    Meanwhile the USA arrived at a point where the Sunnites will involve itself in the elections. Turkey mediated the last 2 weeks between Sunnites and US-diplomats in Istanbul. http://www.zaman.com/?bl=international&alt=&trh=20051207&hn=27202

    This circumstance that now for the first time all groups involve themselves in the democracy in Iraq earns to be named democracy.
    The involving of the Sunnites at the democracy will reduce automatically the pool of the rebellious Terrorists. But not from Al-Aqeda Terrorists.


    To the Kurds:

    They were and are the supporters of America. A purpose connection. The Kurds received its rights in the state, Iraq got a federal face.
    After these elections, the Kurds in the democratic process will play a slighter role than previously because the Sunnites as 2. Largest group in the country with its selected delegates will minimize the Kurdish influence automatically in Baghdad.
    Turkey accepted the federal structure of Iraq meanwhile.

    It is unimaginable that ever again president of the state and Foreign Minister become simultaneous again Kurds in Iraq, as it is presently with the "Transistional Government" the case.
    The Kurds filled out disproportionately the spaces, that caused the Sunnites through the boycott.

    The constitution of Iraq will be 100% renewed. This was one of the conditions of the Sunnites to the USA for participateing in the "democracy".
    Presently, because the constitution of Iraq was prepared mainly only by Kurds and Shiites, Kurdish-Shiite maximal standpoints are found in the constitution.

    The constitution will be balanced out so that it represents Sunnite, Kurd and Shiite standpoints.
    Also in the regard on that that the Sunnites collectively rejected the present constitution in the Referendum .

    To Kerkük/Kirkuk:
    In the previous constitution, a Referendum in Kerkük is planned until 12/2007.
    It is most likely that this Referendum will be held nationwide , and not only in Kerkük itself as this issue is a problem of whole Iraq.
    Barzani is in election-campaign. He campaigns with " Kerkük belongs 2007 to us"

    measured by his remarks for more than 2 years he can not step up and say to his supporters: " Kerkük will not become our!"

    Certainly not. He promised his supporters so much regarding Kirkuk that they would drive him out to Africa verjagen, where he actually belongs to with its trivial "Family-Clan-Democracy".
    The Shiites will not allow that Kerkük is falling to Kurdistan Region. Talabani, Dschafari couldn't settle the question of the Arabs in Kirkuk. Repatriation campaign.
    Because the Shiites do not want to agree. And if now the Sunnites in the parliament and the democracy are present, it sees very badly out of for the Kurds as Sunnites want Kirkuk to stay Iraqi.

    How the neighbors of Iraq stand to Kerkük is also crystal-clear.

    Claims of the kurds, That Kirkuk is the Kurdish Jerusalem are nothing more than propaganda.

    Many neighboring states have also a strategic meaning to the USA to lobby this position.
    Even the entrance article shows a rethink with US-senators and the chairman of the "Foreign relation Commitee"...

    The Kurds profited enourmosly with the alliance with the USA. Their rights, Federalism is guaranteed. From 15 December on, a new era comes where the Kurds will lose some meaning within Iraq as Sunnites will be 2nd strongest group and Kurds the 3rd strongest group.
    If now also the rebellious Terrorists make less stress, the USA slowly can withdraw. When even Sunnites withdraw from Terrorism in Iraq, there will only be AL-Qaeda terrorists left. Such a situation could bring NATO in, as presenty some NATO-States are opposed to a engagement in Iraq as the Terrorists are mixed with Al-Qaeda and boycotting Sunnites. MAybe in some NATO-states' views they see Sunnites rebellion as legitime.

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