Why You Should Brush and Floss

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    The following is an article at snopes.com about a GI who rounded a corner to scout out a firefight before moving his squad in to clear the area. What he found was himself being face to face with a 9mm. The guy shot and was originally thought to have missed, so the sarge here kept on coming and the terrorist immediately surrendered. It isn't hard to see why. His squadmates told him to go to the hospital where it was revealed that he had been SHOT IN THE FACE AT POINT BLANK RANGE! The bullet was stopped by one of his incisors, which was forced out by the shot.

    Almost forgot to add this.

    Warning: Slightly disturbing imagery. Only click this link if you're not a total wussbag who can't stand the sight of a guy with a missing tooth.


    So, I was just trying to think about what it would be like to be the terrorist. A GI peeks around the corner. You blast him right in the face, and he just runs up to you in an attacking posture without even reacting to the shot. Hell, I'd surrender, too.

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