why our traffic police eager & ready how to make challans?

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    Karachi, Pakistan
    why our traffic police eager & ready how to make challans?
    I want to share my knowledge with all peoples specially from Karachi and question with the IG Traffic Police ever notice why CITY TRAFFIC POLICE always eager and ready how to catch innocents to make wrong or right challans. Ever signal Traffic police standing like any active only to catch the innocents or who did minor violate the rules but never dare to control the traffic flow and catch all those who violate the law.

    Sorry to say in Pakistan those people challan made who caught by Traffic Police but never courage to punished those who openly and in front of traffic police violate such as
    1. Violating the traffic rules
    2. Entering in no or single entry
    3. Traffic single seldom works
    4. Why traffic police skip or not interested to control the traffic flow

    What reasons traffic often jammed in the following areas ever IG Traffic Police notice or questioned from their department to give explanation?

    1. Saddar Karachi
    2. Club Road, Karachi
    3. Liaquatabad Karachi
    4. M.A.Jinnah Road ( Burns Road to Numaish )
    5. I.I.Chundrigar Road

    The traffic jammed secret is our traffic police is totally careless and not willing to control the traffic and on other hands people also want to reach the place very quickest way but never flow the traffic but happy in traffic jammed which is loss of precious time and money in the shape of petrol.

    Learn from specially Iran where I saw no open dare to break the traffic law and how organized their traffic flow one can see how they are civilized but our traffic flows is more or less than animal movement do not know which direction to go and do not using sense or brain? Which is total ignorance of traffic law?

    One can see the difference if any one watches both countries traffic flow Iran and Pakistan than difference is not hidden and way. I must say those who are black sheep, careless in performing duty who are performing duty in Traffic police department should be kick out to clean the department.

    In short I must say Pakistani have born right to violate the traffic rules and never agree to follow or adopt the traffic and plus traffic police careless and dormant traffic signal which are root causes of frequent traffic jammed but more interesting the head of department still not interesting to take any notice in this issue.

    Thanking You.

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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