Why Our System Works

Discussion in 'Politics' started by auditor0007, May 21, 2009.

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    Sometimes I have to laugh at the outrage on both sides of the aisle. Everything wrong in this country is due to the Liberals, according to the Conservatives, and vice versa. The true beauty of our system is that it prevents the wealthy from gaining too much power, and at the same time, it limits those with socialistic tendencies from making any real power grabs.

    When the well to do, that being the wealthy and the middle class, are doing well, then conservatism seems to fair quite well. The middle class really is the key. When they are doing well, they want less taxes and less government. On the other hand, when the middle class begins to suffer in relationship to the wealthy, they revolt, and they give more control to the government, and they actually look to some form of the redistribution of wealth.

    This is the cycle that goes on and repeats itself over and over again. Currently, the middle class is struggling, so we are seeing a more liberal agenda. Once the middle class begins to show signs of growth once again, then the majority will move back to a more conservative philoshophy.

    About the only real problem that this creates, is that there seems to be a lag time which does not allow for very quick solutions to serious problems. To me, that is a small price to pay. In the end, it is the main reason this system is likely to survive for a very long time. It does work to create a small bit of equality and a safety net for all, yet it also allows for those who choose, the opportunity of unlimited success.

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