Why Charter Schools Fail the Test

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    Why Charter Schools Fail the Test

    By Charles Murray | New York Times
    Wednesday, May 5, 2010

    The evaluation by the School Choice Demonstration Project, a national research group that matched more than 3,000 students from the choice program and from regular public schools, found that pupils in the choice program generally had "achievement growth rates that are comparable" to similar Milwaukee public-school students. This is just one of several evaluations of school choice programs that have failed to show major improvements in test scores, but the size and age of the Milwaukee program, combined with the rigor of the study, make these results hard to explain away.

    Articles & Commentary

    Stanford Charter School Fails to Make the Grade

    September 24, 2010

    by Dr. Jim Taylor

    How much more evidence do we need before we conclude that charter schools aren’t the panacea for America’s public education woes that so many believe them to be? If you missed the story a while back, a charter school created and administered by Stanford University’s renowned Department of Education had its charter revoked by the local school board. Why? The same old drumbeat of low test scores and a designation as one of the poorest performing schools in California by our state’s Department of Education.

    Stanford Charter School Fails to Make the Grade - The Cluttered Mind Uncluttered - Connecticut News


    Failing Students, Not Failing Schools

    July 16, 2010 at 6:00 am by Dr. Jim Taylor

    The conventional wisdom is that failing schools are the cause of the problem and, as a result, should be the point of intervention for fixing the problem. Public education reform these days focuses on improving schools by raising academic standards, requiring rigorous student testing, calling for more teacher evaluation and training, and demanding accountability, all admirable and valuable goals to be sure. But these efforts are doomed to fail for the same reasons that such efforts have failed for decades. Why such abject failure? Because we are attacking the problem in the wrong place; the cart is clearly before the horse. The real problem with public education today is failing students, not failing schools.

    Failing Students, Not Failing Schools - The Cluttered Mind Uncluttered - Connecticut News







    One out five charter schools across the country is failing. Charter schools limit their class size to 18 and the public school my grand daughter attend East L.A. have a class size of 60 and no way can a teacher successfully teach a class of that size and no way can a student learn. Why is one out of five charter schools failing?

    Children from affluent families are no smarter than children form poor families. Obama and Michele are prime examples. Case in point, McCain.

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