Who Are These Massachusetts Independents?

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    So there are two famous poll results with Massachusetts Senate contender Brown leading Coakley among Indpendents. Rassmussen shows 75% and Suffolk shows 65.% So who are these people, showing a Coakley lead, with the 49% Independents for Brown instead?

    Blue Mass. Group:: Exclusive BMG/Research 2000 poll: Coakley leads 49-41

    Apparently, people in Massachusetts think Coakley will win, even though they plan on voting for Brown. That is often times not associated with a strong motivatation to turn-out. Mostly, in most states, the Democrats tend to start thinking "vote," sometime during the weekend or so before the election, at any rate.

    Are the Independents managing to show some nature of trend-line as the actual vote itself approaches?

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Why did the Press Corps even both to want to interview Senator Reid of the General Colin Powell(?) remarks, anyway? Apparently he did call a press conference to specifically comment on anyone's electability, for example: His own, at that date!)
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