When will there be arrest warrants for Iranian criminals?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by rhodescholar, Nov 15, 2009.

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    Strafing Iranian RGs with my .50 Cal
    I see UN probes against Israel acting in self-defense after absorbing missile strikes for years - but I see no such inquiries for say, Russia in Ossetia/Georgia/Chechnya, or Saudi Arabia's attacks in Yemen this week, or Sri Lanka murder of over 5,000 civilians last year in crushing the Tamil Tigers...

    I also see threats to arrest Israeli officials when they enter certain EU countries, why are there no threats to arrest Iranian officials for violating the UN Charter, conducting terrorism which is a Crime Against Humanity, and for violating the Conventions on Human Rights and Prisoners for its recent murderous assaults on its own populace after the fraudalent June elections?

    Iran is a signatory to the UN Charter, Geneva Conventions, Convention on Human Rights and Prisoners, so why are there no arrest warrents for them?

    Or are only Jews to be responsible, while everyone else gets a pass?

    (all responses welcome except those from the dung in my signature)

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