What's the serious internal matter?

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    Although it's unclear whether the 3rd round of North Korean Workers party delegate meeting was canceled or postponed, it's obvious that the conference is going to fall behind the schedule.

    Then, what's the serious internal matter that disturbed Kim's ambitious plan for holding the rare political meeting?

    There are two most likely possibilities.

    One of them is that it takes some time to alleviate the internal backlash against his son, Kim Jeong Eun who is widely known to succeed the old Kim's power.

    That made Asian medias in U.S report that the meeting was delayed because of insufficient discussion for reorganizing the party's leadership structure aimed at solidifying younger Kim's power succession.

    Moreover, the complaints among the North's leadership and its people against enthroning younger Kim as their leader who is only at mid 20 could possibly make Kim Jeong il restless.

    The other one is related to Kim's health issue.

    According to the inner source of Yanggang-do. rumors are spreading among the residents that one of the party delegate in Pyongyang said the meeting was delayed because Kim is seriously ill.

    It seems very plausible because Kim's latest movements haven't been reported for a while and most of the released reports were missing photos and videos

    Anyway, the party delegates from outside of pyongyang whom Mr.Kim called to be make a trip to Pyongyang became really pathetic since they were practically stood up.

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