Whatever happened to the investigation by Libya into the attack in Benghazi?

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    Whatever happened to the investigation by Libya into the attack in Benghazi?​

    Rick Moran
    November 24, 2012

    In case you were wondering, the Libyan government appears not to have given the investigation of who and what was behind the attack on our consulate very high priority.

    In fact, they haven't done anything much at all:

    After more than two months, Libya's investigation into the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi appears in limbo. Key security commanders and witnesses say they were never questioned. No suspects have been named, and gunmen seen participating in the assault walk freely in the eastern Libyan city.

    U.S. and Libyan leaders have sworn to hunt down those who carried out the Sept. 11 assault, in which gunmen blasted their way into the consulate compound after nightfall and killed four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens. Most officials and witnesses have blamed fighters from Ansar al-Shariah, an Islamic extremist militia in the city. But much remains unexplained - including what was the attack's motive, why did Libyan security pull back from the consulate and even what time the attack started, much less the bigger questions of whether outside terror groups like al-Qaida had a hand.

    The FBI, which sent a team to Tripoli immediately after the attack to work with Libyan investigators, has said nothing about its findings so far. At FBI headquarters in Washington, spokesman Michael Kortan on Wednesday declined to comment on the Libyan's conduct of the probe.

    You may recall it took the FBI almost a week to get into Benghazi and then had only a couple of hours to investigate the scene of the crime. And since Libya hasn't done much investigating, perhaps it would be interesting to get the head of the FBI before Congress and ask him if we know anything at all about who killed our diplomats?

    Is there anyone in the administration who cares about what happened?


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    Maybe they got bored and quit since Obamination took his time sending the FBI....to let the evidence be taken away from the crime scene. Libya realized it was just a waste of time since Obamination doesn't care.
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    It seems to not be on the minds of people here anymore as well.
    We had a handful of the media make a stink about it and a few stories about it.
    But throw in a Holiday a short work week and we are looking around for the
    next shiny object in the room.

    The Israeli conflict happened and we got side tracked.

    The media had no interest in this because people were being critical of Obama
    and that is not allowed in this country so the left pushed back against it and it seems to have
    run it's course...

    Next week it will not be an issue any longer.

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