What we need is a Ferdinand Percoa

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    Damnation of Mitchell - TIME

    Ferdinand Pecora, most brilliant lawyer of Italian extraction in the U. S., finished public schools at 12. At 18, after loping through his brother's law books, he was managing clerk of a law firm. Even on the most complex cases (which he, tireless, likes best) he never needs notes, never forgets a word of testimony once it is on the record. One of his most famed convictions was that of former New York State Superintendent of Banks Frank H. Warder for his part in the failure of Manhattan's City Trust Co. in 1929. At 47, his black eyes flash, his black hair bristles.

    Last week, sitting always at Chairman Norbeck's right, Mr. Pecora put on the show. His the right to question; Mr. Mitchell's the duty to answer no more no less than suited Mr. Pecora—and Senator Brookhart darkly hinted that a jail cell was ready if the banker balked. Banker Mitchell proceeded to say enough to damn himself to the satisfaction of the Committee, Mr. Pecora and a large part of the U. S. people by the following admissions :

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