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    Science Stuff to think about:

    From Harper's magazine 'Findings'

    "Neuroscientists identified an irrelevance filter in the brain’s basal ganglia and located the human faculty uncertainty in the anterior cingulate cortex.

    Astrophysicists speculated that a billion-light-year-wide hole in the universe, discovered last August in the constellation Eridanus, is the imprint of another universe upon our own.

    Studies of dolphin culture revealed that male dolphins who woo potential mates with gifts are more likely to be successful...

    Researchers found that sex makes people happier than money does and that it makes rich people happier than poor people.

    It was discovered that women are less likely to marry poor men when men are plentiful.

    Nobel Prize—winning biologist James Watson was found to be 16 percent black.

    And human evolution was accelerating..."

    German primatologists found that male Barbary macaques thrust more vigorously during sex if their female partners shout loudly, and that it is almost impossible for the male macaques to climax if the females do not shout.

    An American gynecologist speculated that humans have bigger penises than apes because humans’ large brains required the development of large vaginas, which in turn demanded large penises.

    Scientists taught dolphins to sing the theme song from Batman.

    Pomegranate juice, French maritime pine-tree bark, and poverty were all found to be the natural Viagra.

    A U.S. study found that most free prescription-drug samples go to wealthy, insured patients, a different study found that black and Hispanic emergency-room patients are less likely than whites to receive narcotic pain medication, and a third study found that blacks receive poorer nursing-home care than whites.

    American scientists created the blackest substance known to man.

    Researchers identified a hormonal component of generosity, and aggression was judged to be just as physiologically rewarding as sex and drugs.

    The brain experiences expensive wine as being more pleasurable than cheap wine even if it recognizes that both wines taste the same.

    One third of Americans Google themselves.

    A California scientist used skin cells to create embryonic clones of himself.

    2007 was more peaceful than 2006.

    Scientists released the first photos of wild gorillas having sex face-to-face.

    Scientists hoped to vibrate viruses to death

    It was determined that lonely people are more likely to anthropomorphize animals.

    Researchers found that physical scientists are less likely to believe in God than social scientists, that traditional religious beliefs make people more likely to forgive, and that temporary, self-absorbed sadness makes people spend money extravagantly.

    A survey determined that children universally dislike clown wallpaper and find it “frightening” and “unknowable.”

    Engineers were said to be at greater risk of becoming terrorists.

    Haystacks in Australia were suffering a high rate of spontaneous combustion.

    The world’s dirt was disappearing faster than ever before."

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    It is an election year and dirt demand is high. While we have consumed most of the easy dirt, proven reserves of dirt are up 20 percent.
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    I had to leave my haystack, fire department warning.

    But have they found the "whatver" area of the cortex in teenagers yet?

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